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Scottsdale City Council sets spending, CIP plans for new fiscal year this July

photo of Scottsdale City Council
Officials at City Hall report the Scottsdale municipal spending plan is balanced, conservative and has a keen focus on community priorities. (Photo by Arianna Grainey/DigitalFreePress)
Scottsdale City Council oversees municipal spending plan employing 2,700
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Scottsdale City Council has approved its fiscal year 2024-25 operating and capital improvement plan was approved earlier this month.

Officials at City Hall report that while revenue growth remains strong, the new fiscal year spending plan — which begins Monday, July 1 — is a 9.4% net decrease year over year.

“Scottsdale is one of the most desirable cities in the world with a robust economy reflected in the multi-faceted 2024-25 city of Scottsdale Budget,” said Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega in a prepared statement.

“Scottsdale residents, businesses and visitors expect excellence and this fiscally conservative budget pairs operating revenues with expenses and includes carry-forward costs for capital improvement projects. The combined city property tax rates are reduced by 5%, and we continue strategic investments in water, parks, and street infrastructure; and enhanced community services.”

Officials at City Hall report the Scottsdale municipal spending plan is balanced, conservative and has a keen focus on community priorities.

“Our 400-sworn-officer police department is fully funded, and we added a forensic scientist,” Mayor Ortega said.

“Scottsdale Fire adds 56 new personnel, including staffing of the new ambulance service and firefighters at the newest fire station. Most importantly, the 2024/25 budget includes updating the 2012 Classifications and Compensation schedules to ensure that we can recruit and retain outstanding employees. Balancing revenues and expenses and securing dedicated employees, is truly the formula for success.”

Investing in the community and municipal workforce

The budget funds recommendations from a comprehensive classification and compensation study to help employees face persistent inflation costs and help the city retain and recruit top-quality people, a press release states.

Among the 2,700 city staff funded in fiscal year 2024-25 are 56 new positions in the fire department, added to improve services to residents, visitors and businesses through staffing a new fire station and introducing the first phase of new Scottsdale Fire Department ambulance service.

Key projects in the new capital improvement plan include expanding Granite Reef Senior Center, renovating Cactus Pool and the Via Linda Police Station, and completing Fire Station 612 in the Scottsdale Airpark area, the release states.

Of Note: The city’s primary property tax rate is $0.4958 per $100 of a property’s assessed value. The secondary tax rate, which pays down debt on voter-approved bonds, is $0.4358 per $100.

City property taxes comprise 15% of a property owner’s total property tax bill (57% goes to schools/education, 18% to Maricopa County, and 10% to special districts).

At 8.05%, sales taxes in Scottsdale are also among the lowest in the Valley as well. The city’s portion of that total rate – 1.75% – is lower than all but two of the city’s Valley peers.


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