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REPORT: Paradise Valley property crime uptick has PVPD on alert

photo of PVPD
Paradise Valley Police Chief of Police Freeman Carney during a recent public hearing at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive. (Photo by Arianna Grainey/DigitalFreePress)
PVPD hosts 165 concerned residents amid South American Theft Group reports
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Officials at the Paradise Valley Police Department held a public meeting yesterday to update residents about the recent burglary trend in and around the Valley while providing tips about improving home security.

Representatives of the police department say the discussion with about 165 people provided information about some organized crime groups, specifically the South American Theft Group (SATG), which has recently targeted cities across Phoenix metropolitan area, amid legacy news reports.

Public safety officials remind Paradise Valley residents theft is nothing new — and property crime remains the No. 1 issue facing law enforcement in the Town of Paradise Valley.

According to published reports, criminal groups often obtain fake identities upon entering the United States and engage in thefts targeting cash, jewelry, and easily transportable items. They tend to avoid confrontations and operate covertly.
Paradise Valley police officials report there has been some success in identifying suspects and recovering stolen property, but challenges persist. One obstacle is the rapidity with which these groups operate, often evading law enforcement response times. Moreover, delays in alarm reporting contribute to difficulties in apprehending them swiftly.

“Unfortunately, Paradise Valley is not alone in this uptick in crime,” Paradise Valley Police Chief Freeman Carney said in a prepared statement. “While we are increasing patrols and increasing active surveillance, we firmly believe that there are common sense steps residents can take to improve their home security. We are all in this together.”

Officials at the Paradise Valley Police Department offer these tips for concerned homeowners:

  • Install Motion Activated Lighting: Illuminate walkways and dark areas around your house.
  • Activate your alarm: Use it both when you’re home and away.
  • Lock all doors and windows: Ensure they are securely locked.
  • Landscaping matters: Adjust to reduce potential hiding spots.
  • Stay vigilant: Be aware of your surroundings.
  • If you see something suspicious, report it.

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