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REPORT: Clean energy creates $78M in annual revenue helping Arizona Communities

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Arizona’s total clean energy capacity stood at 5,500 megawatts (MW), with 8,700 MW more under development, a new clean energy report suggests. (Submitted Photo/DigitalFreePress)
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Clean Energy Powers Arizona, a report published by the American Clean Power Association, shows that 12% of electricity in the state is provided by wind and solar.

Clean energy investment is poised to grow through 2030 as the state’s booming population and businesses demand more American-produced power, according to a press release.

“Clean energy projects inject $78 million each year into Arizona communities through land-lease and tax payments. These funds strengthen the local economy and provide consistent employment in the construction, development, operations, and manufacturing sectors,” said ACP director of western state affairs Bo Downen, in a prepared statement.

“As the state’s population grows, meeting the increase in demand for electricity will greatly benefit from a diversified grid which includes increasing clean power capacity—a resource abundant in a state with so much sunshine.”

Read the report for yourself HERE.

Arizona’s total clean energy capacity stood at 5,500 megawatts (MW), with 8,700 MW more under development, ACP representatives tell the Digital Free Press.

That ranks the state as 14th in the nation for the amount of wind and solar online and is enough clean electricity to power 870,000 homes — roughly equivalent to powering all the homes in Tucson four times over. Arizona also hosts eight clean energy manufacturing facilities already in operation, with six additional facilities announced for the state.

Nearly 10,000 Arizonans now work in the clean energy economy, the release states.

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