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Lisa Borowsky launches mayoral campaign at Feb. 22 kick-off event at Roaring Fork

Lisa Borowsky
Scottsdale litigator Lisa Borowsky is seeking the mayor’s seat at the 2024 general election. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress)
Lisa Borowsky: ‘Mediocre can no longer be tolerated’ atop Scottsdale City Council
By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

Scottsdale litigator Lisa Borowsky, who narrowly lost to David Ortega in the 2020 mayoral race, is announcing her run for Scottsdale mayor.

The announcement came Thursday, Feb. 22 at Roaring Fork in Scottsdale.

“I was hoping we’d be headed in a better direction by now but instead things have declined,” Ms. Borowsky said with supporters at the Feb. 22 kick-off event. “Traffic is worse than ever, the road construction projects take way longer and cost far more than projected, and have not improved anything including the Pima ‘improvement’ debacle and the Hayden roundabout boondoggle. It’s just not good enough.”

Ms. Borowsky says she believes traffic, quality development and a more effective and transparent city government are key issues this election. As a fiscal conservative, she says she is especially concerned about the reckless spending and budget overruns that have plagued the city of late.

Ms. Borowsky was joined last week by key supporters including:

  • Former Mayor of Scottsdale Jim Lane;
  • Former Republican Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr; and
  • Tom Hatten, Mountainside Fitness founder.

Mr. Hatten, who is serving as Ms. Borowsky’s campaign chairman, offers that the time is now for new leadership atop Scottsdale City Council.

“I’m honored to chair your campaign and to join you at this momentous event,” he said at the standing-room only event held at the beloved Scottsdale eatery, the Roaring Fork.

“I’ve known Lisa since 2008. She served on our City Council from 2009 to 2013. When you get to know Lisa, you begin to understand that she is truly is Scottsdale and has been a part of Scottsdale her whole life.”

A view of Lisa Borowsky, candidate for Scottsdale Mayor, delivering remarks during her campaign kick-off event at Roaring Fork in Scottsdale. (Photo: Terrance Thornton/DigitalFreePress)
Lisa Borowsky: ‘Mediocre can no longer be tolerated’ atop Scottsdale City Council

Former Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane echoed a similar tone during the campaign kick-off event.

“This is a momentous meeting because this is the start of a campaign so needed in Scottsdale,” Mr. Lane said. “There are some real, concrete reasons for Lisa to become our mayor. First and foremost, she is truly respects and follows our Constitution and she is someone who is set with the law, that is her profession. She was a great councilperson when I was mayor and I think she will be a great mayor.”

Mr. Lane did not mince words for his support for Ms. Borowsky’s mayoral campaign.

“I will tell you, she has my support, I think we have a great chance to light this city up again,” Mr. Lane said. “We need to get back to building a sustainable city — we have got to do this to maintain and grow our city.”

Mr. Goldwater offered his recognition of Ms. Borowsky’s leadership as an elected leader.

“It is time for a change in Scottsdale for leadership because this community needs exciting leadership,” he said. “Lisa is a quality person who attracts quality and good people. Mayor’s Lane’s endorsement speaks volumes — he was one of the best mayors Scottsdale ever had.”

Ms. Borowsky contends leadership begins at the top of any quality organization — a trait that’s been missing from leadership at Scottsdale City Council.

“Accountability begins and ends at the top of any organization” Ms. Borowsky said. “Mayor [Ortega] should be ashamed to ask voters to approve a new tax, or tax ‘extension,’ when such failures have resulted with the many capital improvement projects on his watch.”

It seems there’s a mindset of “It’s Scottsdale, we don’t mind paying more.”

Ms. Borowsky says she is a strong advocate for quality growth that adds value to the city, and to the lives of its citizens.

“We can’t stop progress, but we must have clear expectations and demand high quality projects which enhance our community,” she said. “Mediocre can no longer be tolerated, we must protect our quality of life and Scottsdale’s brand as a luxury destination. Road ‘diets’ do nothing but feed traffic congestion and starve progress.”

“If we want to keep Scottsdale a special place, we’ll have to create design standards that discourage ‘plain-Jane’ commercial and residential buildings which don’t stand up to Scottsdale’s high standards. Let’s start by getting the neighborhoods most impacted involved in the decision-making process.”

Ms. Borowsky says city government is settling and the look and feel of Scottsdale is deteriorating as a result.

“We can’t let Scottsdale become just another Phoenix suburb. We need a mayor with the energy and vision to make sure Scottsdale keeps its reputation as the best place in the southwest to live, work and visit.”

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