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1ON1: Scottsdale litigator Lisa Borowsky goes toe-to-toe every time armed with the facts and the law

Photo of Lisa Borowsky
Lisa Borowsky says aside from the art of litigation, her favorite part of the practice of law is the presence of mind that occurs when court is in session. (File Photos/
By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

The facts and the law.

Those are the two ingredients any litigator worth his or her salt needs to take a case to the victory line, fight tooth-and-nail to find the truth and maximize impact of every point of fact.

Scottsdale litigator Lisa Borowsky is a winner, and since the late 1990s she has sought to be effective not only for her clients but to help improve the world she encounters around her.

Ms. Borowsky is a born leader.

She has served as a member of Scottsdale City Council, frequently hailed as a one-of-kind force for positive change serving on local philanthropic boards and committees.

But her No. 1 professional passion? The courtroom.

“I decided very early on that I wanted to be a lawyer before eighth grade,” she told the Arizona Digital Free Press at her Scottsdale office in north Scottsdale. “I would say I work hard to do (my best) 100% of the time and I always strive to do the right thing. I attribute my work ethic and my ethics to my parents and my upbringing.”

Ms. Borowsky, raised by an engineer and nurse, says the sense of moral obligation is a part of her DNA.

“I don’t have an answer to that,” she said immediately after asked where she gets her sense of right and wrong. “But I will tell you that very solid parents raised me. They are still married to this day. My father is very successful in business and, for him, a deal was always confirmed with just a handshake. He is impeccably true to his word — they are solid people, and I am blessed to have them.”

Lawyer Lisa Borowsky

A sense of responsibility is nothing new for Ms. Borowsky as while she grew so did her affection for equestrian horsemanship, which she says instilled a deep sense of work ethic and responsibility in her as a young person and into adulthood.

That sense of responsibility serves her well in the courtroom. Recalling one of her most significant recoveries in the community of Anthem — a peaceful enclave on unincorporated land a 15-mile jaunt north of Loop 101 and Interstate 17 in Phoenix.

Ms. Borowsky represented homeowners in a $40 million, class-action lawsuit where homes were plagued by thermal galvanic corrosion occurring under the slab of some 3,000 homes in the Del Webb-built community. The problems were the result of faulty workmanship and design by the original builders.

“I have a reputation in commercial litigation, as I’ve spent the majority of my career handling construction litigation cases,” she said of her 25-year career. “Now, I handle a wider variety of commercial cases.”

Ms. Borowsky brings her legal skill set to clients needing assistance in business matters, the hospitality industry, construction, community associations and litigation.

When the gavel goes down

For Ms. Borowsky, aside from the art of litigation, she says her favorite part of the practice of law is the presence of mind that occurs when court is in session — when preparedness and the words spoken matter.

“When the gavel goes down, the bailiff says, ‘all rise,’ we all know from that point forward everything matters,” she said of the courtroom. “I do love telling the story, being an advocate for my client and the opportunity to see justice served.”

Ms. Borowsky says she sometimes must remind herself how much of an effect a lawyer has in the lives of her clients. Today, Ms. Borowsky leads the Scottsdale Law Group, but she says a new endeavor, with a litigation powerhouse, is coming to “The West’s Most Western Town.”

“Whenever I’ve had any doubts about the profession I chose, those closest to me remind, ‘You are in the business of helping people,’” she said. “At the end of the day, people need representation, and the judicial system really is, at times, their only option. Everyone has equal access to justice, but lawyers certainly help.”

Ms. Borowsky reminds that it is through the process of trying cases in courtrooms where the laws of the land are developed and refined.

“The decisions that are reached in cases become law,” she said. “In terms of the judicial system, controlling law results through the litigation process. I am passionate about what I do, and that makes a big difference in practicing law and being successful with it. I want to prevail for my clients, and I want to earn the reputation for being a passionate and prepared litigator.”

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