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Lisa Borowsky joins Wilenchik & Bartness as firm starts Scottsdale arm

Photo of Lisa Borowsky
Scottsdale litigator Lisa Borowsky is taking her talents to Wilenchik & Bartness, as the Phoenix-based powerhouse law firm expands into “The West’s Most Western Town.” (File Photos/

Tough-as-nails litigation team brings
unparalleled dynamic of truth, grit & dedication

By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

There is a new law firm in town.

Earlier this year Scottsdale litigator Lisa Borowsky and Phoenix attorney Dennis Wilenchik came together with one goal in mind: expansion into “The West’s Most Western Town.”

For Ms. Borowsky, the partnership, she says, is a testament to common ground found between the two litigators.

“I am excited to announce that I will be joining Dennis Wilenchik’s firm — Wilenchik & Bartness — this fall. They are known in the Valley for being serious lawyers and a tough group of litigators, the ones you don’t want to see on the other side of your client’s case, and that really appeals to me,” she told the Scottsdale Daily Beat.

“Historically, my practice has been dedicated to commercial litigation and at this time in my career I really need a strong team around me.”

In the world of construction litigation, Ms. Borowsky carries her own reputation as one of her most significant recoveries came in the community of Anthem — a peaceful enclave on unincorporated land a 15-mile jaunt north of Loop 101 and Interstate 17 in Phoenix.


Ms. Borowsky successfully represented homeowners in a $40 million, class-action lawsuit where homes were plagued by thermal galvanic corrosion occurring under the slab of some 3,000 homes in the Del Webb-built community. The problems were the result of faulty workmanship and design by the original builders. The result obtained provided repairs for all affected homeowners.

Mr. Wilenchik says Ms. Borowsky’s reputation precedes her and says having her part of the law firm is a watershed moment for the enterprise.

Armed with the facts and the law, Ms. Borowsky says, is all she needs to deliver positive results for clients. (Photo: Arianna Grainey/

“We have been practicing civil commercial litigation for 45 years, so we have done everything there is to do, but we haven’t done much in the Scottsdale market as we are based here in Phoenix,” Mr. Wilenchik said at his 3rd Street building in Phoenix. “Bringing Lisa to the table offers completely new opportunities to reach clients in a market we haven’t really played in.”

Wilenchik & Bartness primarily focuses on civil litigation servicing the real estate and business sectors. Mr. Wilenchik is a member of the Maricopa County and the American bar associations. In addition, he has been a nationally certified civil trial advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy for over 15 years.

Mr. Wilenchik is an Arizona Bar Foundation Fellow and was elected a Fellow to the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys. Mr. Wilenchik can practice in all federal courts in Arizona and in Texas, the state of New York, the United States Supreme Court, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Scottsdale expansion this fall

Ms. Borowsky offers the decision to partner with Wilenchik & Bartness comes from a desire to provide top-of-the-line legal services at manageable prices.

“Relationships and reputation in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Arcadia areas,” she said of what she brings to the table. “I have a strong network having been involved in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas at every level. Frequently, I found myself getting referred matters that I didn’t have the bandwidth to handle. “I really value having a relationship with my client while providing high level representation.”

Ultimately, Ms. Borowsky reports, the time came to find partners she could trust.

“If I bring a partner into a case, I want to know they are competent, driven, success oriented, responsible and accountable,” she said. “It took me a really long time to find the right fit and I am really happy I finally did.”

The new office will sprout in coming months in north Scottsdale, Mr. Wilenchik says.

“From my perspective, Lisa received a lot of positive press when she ran for mayor of Scottsdale, and I think it brought a lot of well-deserved visibility to her,” he said pointing out the new office is set to emerge in the Scottsdale Airpark.

Make no mistake, Ms. Borowsky is highly experienced in her field.

“I have handled a wide variety of complex commercial litigation cases as well as provide ongoing general counsel services and business representation to long-term clientele” she explained. “Today, about 40 to 50 percent of my practice is general counsel, which I refer to as ‘outhouse counsel.’ Across the Valley, there is a significant population of small to midsize businesses that don’t require in-house counsel but do need a ‘go to” lawyer they trust. I routinely serve startups and small to midsize businesses in my general counsel practice.”

Mr. Wilenchik explains the key growth sectors for Wilenchik & Bartness are real estate, civil litigation and all-encompassing business representation in Scottsdale and its surrounding areas.

“I remember hearing about Lisa when she was on City Council in Scottsdale,” he said of their partnership. “We look forward to getting our name out into a new market and assist those in need of a strong alternative when their legal needs arise, or on an ongoing basis. That is primarily what we are gearing up for.”

As the skyline of Scottsdale evolves, so do the legal needs of those who call the city home.
(File Photos/

Great clients & great results

When asked what has Ms. Borowsky excited about the burgeoning Scottsdale expansion of Wilenchik & Bartness she replied, “Great clients who we deliver great results.”

Ms. Borowsky contends her pursuit in the practice of law is rooted in the basic idea to help people.

“I want to help people and I think at the end of the day that is what lawyers do for people,” she said. “Sometimes people find themselves in the most difficult positions in their lives when they are in litigation.”

She aims to serve each client with the same veracity as the previous one. At Wilenchik & Bartness, we will provide a strong team approach, but you will always be dealing with a sophisticated, experienced group of lawyers.”

Another key item for Ms. Borowsky? Continuing meaningful legal work.

“I expect to be able to assist all the referrals I am fortunate to receive — I am genuinely concerned with obtaining the best outcome for my clients, and, while Dennis won’t say it, he is one of the most highly respected trial attorneys in the state. I am really looking forward to watching Dennis in action in the courtroom and learning from him.”

For Mr. Wilenchik he hopes to serve a new client base in Scottsdale.

“I have seen everything from soup to nuts in terms of litigation,” he pointed out. “And, pretty much, my expertise crosses over into every avenue of law that you can imagine. If you focus with a few qualified people on a case, you can be more effective than a bigger firm in my experience.”

Providing quality legal representation at reasonable prices is a point of pride for Mr. Wilenchik, he says.

“Where we have an advantage, where we are going to stand out is we like to do the work of a big firm —do the quality work of a big firm but at a cost that can be managed,” he explained. “Litigation is cost prohibitive for most people. What attracted me to Lisa was that she has the same viewpoint to deliver quality service at a manageable cost.”

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