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‘Lens Versus Brush’ debuts at Royse Contemporary as new collection in Old Town Scottsdale

Photo of Royse Contemporary art in Old Town Scottsdale

Royse Contemporary reveals new works in Old Town Scottsdale

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Royse Contemporary welcomes the change of season with “Lens Versus Brush.”

This fine-art exhibition highlights a stimulating group of artists working in painting and photography.

Throughout history people have expressed favoritism for a particular art form, for some it is painting, others it is photography, some mixed media, says Nicole Royse, who curated the fall collection.

Renowned writer and activist Susan Sontag once said, “The painter constructs, the photographer discloses,” but is this really as black and white as that?

Royse Contemporary in Old Town Scottsdale

Ms. Royse has selected an enticing collection of artworks for Lens Versus Brush, she says, aiming to create an exciting dialogue further fueling consideration to compare, contrast and question these ideals and preferences.

A unique assortment of original paintings, photography and mixed media artworks have been accumulated from artists creating here in Arizona. This exhibition features work from artists James Angel, Cam DeCaussin, Cherie Buck-Hutchison, Peter Brian Klein, Marilyn Szabo, Daniel Shepherd, Casey Wakefield and special guest artist JB Snyder.

Royse Contemporary is found along Main Street in the Scottsdale Arts District, part of the Marshall Square complex at 7077 E. Main St.

“The essence of each artwork, the true skill of the artists, and the genuine beauty of their art forms is emotive and captivating,” Ms. Royse said in a prepared statement.

“I believe each artist brings their own voice, story and style to each work of art created. No matter what form the artist has chosen to express their creativity, all art forms are truly important in their own right. Art is more than just its forms, but rather the importance of the artist.”

The “Lens Versus Brush” exhibition is on display through Sunday Nov. 27.

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