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Good News: Asylum granted for American military translator who narrowly escaped Taliban

Rose Law Group immigration department plays critical role in asylum case
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Immigration Attorney Darius Amiri of Scottsdale-based Rose Law Group has successfully obtained asylum approval for a client whose bravery aided U.S. troops during the hostile Taliban takeover in Afghanistan in 2021.

Zabi, a military translator, had a harrowing journey as a refuge and due to his work with the Marines, his life was in imminent danger during a chaotic transition of power, Rose Law Group officials tell the Digital Free Press.

Zabi was paroled into the United States after being evacuated out of Kabul in September 2021.

With the help of the Rose Law Group, Zabi was able to apply for asylum in August 2022 and attended his interview the following November. As of April 2024, Zabi has been granted asylum in the United States of America — and he will be eligible for lawful permanent residency 1 year from the date of his asylum, Rose Law officials say.

“I feel so happy, the day that my lawyer texted me I was in disbelief,” Zabi said in a prepared statement. “It feels like it’s been forever since I started my process, when you have been waiting so long for something and then it finally happens there are so many feelings, we fought more than nine years for this moment.”

Since embarking on his new life in Tucson, Zabi has been spending his time working, assimilating to the American lifestyle, and volunteering his time Lutheran Social Services driving other Afghan refugees from Tucson to Phoenix for their USCIS interviews, often acting as an interpreter.

“Honestly it feels really good and inspiring to be able to help others, I continue to learn more,” he said. “And when others come here, I remember my first days in the United States… how critical of a time it was, how it felt to be in a new country, and seeing them and helping them through that makes me feel good.”

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