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Scottsdale Schools launches ‘SUSD Spotlight’ podcast to showcase vibrant local community

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“Spotlight” aims to capture the essence of the Scottsdale Unified School District by sharing the stories that make our community unique. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress)
SUSD Spotlight offers content including human interest, community stories
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Scottsdale Unified School District is launching its podcast, “Spotlight,” which is dedicated to showcasing the remarkable people and programs that define the local community.

“SUSD is full of stars, and each week we will ‘spotlight’ those people and programs that are making a difference,” said Dr. Scott Menzel, SUSD’s superintendent. “This exciting venture is dedicated to bringing you inspiring human interest stories, celebrating the successes of our incredible students and staff, highlighting thriving community partnerships, and showcasing our legacy of success.”

“Spotlight” aims to capture the essence of the Scottsdale Unified School District by sharing the stories that make our community unique. Listeners can expect:

  • Human Interest Stories: Dive into compelling narratives that highlight the resilience, determination, and achievements of individuals within our district.
  • Staff and Student Success: Hear firsthand accounts of the accomplishments and milestones reached by our outstanding staff and students, both in and outside the classroom.
  • Community Partnerships: Explore dynamic collaborations that strengthen our ties with the SUSD community, fostering an environment in which everyone plays a role in the success of our students.
  • Legacy of Success: Learn about our distinguished alumni who continue to make a positive impact in our community and in the lives of current SUSD students.

“We invite you to join us on this exciting podcasting journey!” Dr. Menzel said. “Tune in to ‘Spotlight’ as we shine a light on the extraordinary stories that make the Scottsdale Unified School District a truly exceptional place.”

Stay tuned for our first episode on Friday, April 5, featuring Chaparral High School’s award-winning a cappella group, Gold Dust Avenue, under the direction of Dr. Sammy Brauer.

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