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Labor of love: Retired professor & psychologist publishes late husband’s book in his honor

“The Creation of the Jewish People” proceeds go toward Israeli defense forces
From left are Rosalyn M. Meadow, Ph.D., and her late husband of 55 years, Stephen Troub Meadow. (File Photos/
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Rosalyn M. Meadow, Ph.D., describes her late husband of 55 years, Stephen Troub Meadow, as “The epitome of what a human should be.”

For three decades, he researched and began the process of writing his book titled, “The Creation of the Jewish People,” which is a book that Rosalyn compiled and published posthumously in his honor. It is available on Amazon and all proceeds from the book are donated to the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces, according to a press release.

“The Creation of the Jewish People” challenges the traditional theories of the origin of the Hebrew people, the release states.

“The book contends that the compiling of the Hebrew Bible stories was created by a merger of the history and practices of the clans, tribes, religious leaders, and Biblical authors. Their intent was to persuade the illiterate masses to adopt a system of universal law to resolve the class and ethnic conflicts among mutually hostile clans and tribes dwelling in the Land of Israel,” according to the description. “Meadow reveals how the Hebrew Bible stories united the often-hostile clans and tribes into one people following Universal Law and worshipping One God. Thus, former enemies would henceforth regard themselves as ‘one family,’ with the same history, laws, customs, and religion.”

Ms. Meadow offers reasoning as to why pursue the publishing of the book.

“Steve was my beloved husband of 55 years,” she writes in the book’s forward message. “In addition to his ability to write this important and fascinating book, he had a great capacity for empathy, intellectual acumen, and profound insight into the human condition.”

Ms. Meadow recalls that Steve’s decades of research for the book included communicating with researchers, authors and professors who had studied in this area, as well as attending multiple conferences. He studied Greek mythology, Middle Eastern rituals, and the Holy Scriptures repeatedly. This was all while leading a successful career in securities law. When he passed in 2019, she knew that she wanted to compile his research into a book to honor his memory.

“It took a lot of energy and effort, but emotionally was very restorative and helpful,” Rosalyn shares about publishing the book. “Putting together the book was a gift—it gave me purpose, focus, and reminded me how much I loved him.”

While the book is available on Amazon, Ms. Meadow’s dream is to get it on the shelves at libraries, colleges and universities.

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