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As Arizona temperatures rise, scorpions, cockroaches & ants emerge

Burns Pest Elimination offers tips to keep arachnids at bay

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When it comes to annoying pests, there are no holidays or breaks from the bugs, arachnids and pesky insects, representatives at Burns Pest Elimination admit.

This past week crews from the local family-owned business were hard at work ridding the Valley of some of its scariest insects.

Among the top three pests and calls for service — scorpions, cockroaches and ants, they say.

“It’s definitely the busy season for scorpions, ants and roaches as they are coming out in full force right now to either enjoy these warmer temperatures or retreat from the heat,” said Dave Burns, owner of Burns Pest Elimination.“ Couple the warmer weather with holiday BBQ’s and more Valley residents spending more time at home, in the pool and in their yard and that’s when we get more calls for service.”

Photo of Scorpion
A view of a scorpion, the arachnid feared by many here in the Valley of the Sun. (File Photos/

Mr. Burns says as temperatures increase outside, the scorpion population becomes very active and often retreat to the cooler conditions inside, which makes them top on the elimination hit list.

Ants are especially prevalent right now. The cold-blooded insect loves the warm weather, representatives at Burns Pest Elimination say, so when it heats up outside — look for ants to go marching by.

Burns Pest representatives say calls for roaches on the exterior have especially increased.

“Roaches love our warm Valley weather and once they locate food, water and shelter they become your tenant until they are permanently eliminated,” Mr. Burns pointed out.

Scorpions, ants and roaches can easily be eliminated after a few service calls but there are some simple things people should also do to keep the bugs at bay:

  • Don’t over water
  • Keep debris, storage, toys, off the ground
  • Seal the home, door sweeps, thresholds, siding
  • Keep pet food up and not left outside
  • Cleanup spills of food and liquid
  • Trim plants off the house and up off the ground
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