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ASU Preparatory Academy honors nearly 800 seniors representing the class of 2024

photo of ASU Preparatory Academy
ASU Prep’s Class of 2024 — nearly 800 students in all — spans hundreds of Arizona residents, as well as students from locations across the country. (Submitted Photo/DigitalFreePress)
Students from 5 high schools are celebrated at ASU Preparatory Academy
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More than 600 graduates are celebrating a major education milestone after receiving their high school diplomas during a commencement ceremony at Desert Financial Arena on the Arizona State University campus on Thursday, May 16.

These students represent all five high schools within the ASU Preparatory Academy network, including ASU Prep Casa Grande, ASU Prep Digital, ASU Prep Phoenix, ASU Prep South Phoenix, Khan World School at ASU Prep and ASU Prep Polytechnic.

ASU Prep’s Class of 2024 — nearly 800 students in all — spans hundreds of Arizona residents, as well as students from locations across the country and internationally who attended ASU Prep courses in person, online or both, according to a press release.

Many who are national and international digital students and were unable to attend in person celebrated with their families via livestream at home, the release states.

Amy McGrath, ASU vice president and managing director of ASU Prep, welcomed graduates and their families.

Following the procession of the Class of 2024, graduates Mikayla Williams, Erika Viera Alicea and Ricayla Lemonias performed the National Anthem; and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by graduates Leilani Hyland, Sarah Green, Faith Olalekan-Aina, Brianna Lara Lopez and Santos Lopez.
Jill Rogier, Head of Schools for ASU Prep Digital, and Dr. Betsy Fowler, Head of Schools for ASU Prep, introduced commencement addresses representing each of the participating schools:

  • Dr. Bobby Striebel, Principal, ASU Prep Digital
  • Yasmine Moller, Class of 2024
  • Amanda Wojtalik, Assistant Principal, ASU Prep Polytechnic
  • Nicholas Tomaiko and Xavier Welcome, Class of 2024
  • Gayle Taylor, Principal, ASU Prep Casa Grande
  • Logan Johnson, Class of 2024
  • Dr. Patrick Gibbs, Principal, ASU Prep South Phoenix
  • Halle Johnson, Class of 2024
  • Kim Higginbotham, Principal, ASU Prep Phoenix
  • Annabelle Montoya, Class of 2024

The initiation of the formal diploma presentation was led by Ms. McGrath.

Diplomas for each school were presented by the Learning Success Coaches, counselors and staff, who helped guide students to successful completion of their graduation requirements:

  • Kristin Jackson-Nesmith, Nicole Garvey, Michelle Ugalde, Briana O’Meara Mata, Karen Sanderson and Curtis Romey for ASU Prep Digital
  • Emily Norton for Khan World School
  • Katie Dukes for ASU Prep Polytechnic
  • Denise Douglas for ASU Prep Casa Grande
  • Minerva Fernandez for ASU Prep South Phoenix
  • Maria Baskerville for ASU Prep Phoenix

Rounding out the ceremony, Ms. McGrath presented the graduating Class of 2024 to a crowd of 5,426 friends, family and loved ones.

Many ASU Prep students get an early introduction to ASU through concurrent-credit coursework and blended learning formats, so it’s no surprise that the Class of 2024 earned an accumulated 4,082 university credits from ASU and that you’ll find 250 students from this graduating class at ASU this fall.

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