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UnderTow unveils new menu and branding effort this June

UnderTow cocktail lounge bids farewell this summer

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UnderTow is bidding farewell to an 8-year adventure and launching a brand new saga on June 4 anticipated to take guests on an expedition through the mysterious 1560s Yucatan Peninsula.

The escapade promises to be a sensory rollercoaster ride, complete with new music, jaw-dropping video scenes, and a vessel that’s as spectacular as buried treasure, representatives of the brand tell the Digital Free Press.

The cocktails especially play an intricate role in the all-encompassing adventure that transports guests to another time and place, they say.

“This isn’t just a menu change; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of wonder,” says Mat Snapp, EVP of operations at Barter & Shake Cocktail Entertainment. “With each sip and every detail, we’re bringing the captivating history of the Yucatan Peninsula to life for a tale of mystery and treasure-hunting on the high seas like never before.”

In the decades from 1510-1540, Spanish conquests ousted the indigenous Aztec communities and colonized the area, but legend and rumor of a “Golden City” continued to circulate and entice visitors, treasure hunters and colonists in the area. Without giving away too many secrets, the new menu revolves around the enigmatic Ysabel Seville Tozi, Lost Daughter of the Yucatan, Keeper of the Cradle and Key, Pirate Mistress of the Western Seas.

“Our heroine is a female pirate with tangled lineage, but her purpose is divine: she is the living key to the real city of gold,” says Jason Asher, owner and operator of Barter & Shake. “Only she and her crew can navigate the mazes of the underground waterways to unearth the Lost City of Gold and the overall ride to get there is wild.”

UnderTow’s new drink menu, a culmination of years of creativity, incorporates innovative techniques and exotic ingredients inspired by the Yucatan Peninsula. Highlights include the tantalizing “Lai Lani Volcano,” the enchanting “Under the Harvest Moon,” and the communal experience of “Gathering of Souls,” among others.

“UnderTow has always been about pushing the boundaries of cocktail experiences,” says Cortnie Cozeck, assistant director of operations of Barter & Shake. “This new saga reinforces our commitment to delivering immersive and unforgettable moments for our guests.”

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