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Scottsdale City Council candidate Pamela Carter offers her closing argument

Photo of American Flag representing the upcoming Scottsdale City Council election
The Arizona Digital Free Press reached out to Ms. Carter to hear what her closing argument is as the light at the end of the campaign tunnel has appeared. (File Photos/

Scottsdale voters to decide final City Council seat Tuesday, Nov. 8

By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

In a matter of days Scottsdale voters will decide between Scottsdale City Council hopefuls Pamela Carter and Barry Graham at the Tuesday, Nov. 8 general election.

To get into this political position, both Ms. Carter and Mr. Graham emerged from a field of seven candidates whereas at the Scottsdale primary election last August both incumbents on the ballot — Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield and Solange Whitehead — were elected outright.

The Arizona Digital Free Press reached out to Ms. Carter to hear what her closing argument is as the light at the end of the campaign tunnel has appeared. This is what she said:

•Have you remained steadfast to your values as you have campaigned for the final seat at Scottsdale City Council?

Absolutely! I have never wavered from my love for Scottsdale, its people, the wide-open spaces of the desert and Old Town. I am a native of Arizona and grew up in the Scottsdale area. I often reflect on the childhood I enjoyed, being able to see for miles and feeling completely safe and secure in my hometown neighborhoods. I owned one of the largest sports medicine and weight training facilities in the nation right here in Scottsdale.

I was the general manager of KPAZ television, and the community outreach director of programming here in the Valley. As a producer and director, on-air host of film, and television, both national and local and on the Board of Help 4 KIDZ,I reached out in non-profit engagement to thousands of wonderful citizens to help those in need. My Judeo-Christian values for our children, schools and Scottsdale will continue to guide me in my decisions on the City Council.

•What issues have emerged at City Hall that you are eying in case you are elected?

When elected, I will listen with passion and action. Homeowners are upset about the high-rise over development in our city. They do not want more apartments crowding their neighborhoods creating more traffic, and shortages of water. They are concerned about the uptick in crime, drugs and panhandling on their streets. As I have spoken to thousands of voters and citizens over the past year, they want Scottsdale to remain the same city they moved here to enjoy with their families. Safe streets, schools and a suburban way of life is a top priority. I was the only candidate to suggest SB1168 to curtail the bad actors encroaching on our neighborhoods as a deterrent to out-of-control short-term rentals, 5,000-plus, and they listened. I was the only candidate to suggest giving our police officers a raise so they can afford to live in Scottsdale and to encourage new candidates to join our first responders and police force — and they listened.

•As you have learned more about the inner workings of City Hall, what is priority No. 1 if you take office?

Pamela Carter

When I am elected, in my first few weeks of office, I would like to invite our residents to a Town hall meeting to openly discuss their concerns about crime, safety, over development and homelessness. I want to hear with an open heart and mind their concerns for Scottsdale, I always learn something new when they speak. I will work as I have done for the past 30 years with our community leaders to address human trafficking, homelessness on our streets and safety for our children in our communities, by working with agencies such as Phoenix Rescue Mission and Scottsdale Cares. I will be a very involved, full-time councilwoman for all our citizens and work with our police to address these issues. I will answer emails, phone calls and will work to create an atmosphere of civility and open dialogue.

•What kind of a voice will you be on the local dais if elected?

I will be a voice of common sense, reason and look at every issue through the lens of our local citizens and residents. I am here to represent them, to work for them. I am employed by the taxpayers to be the best representative of the people who elected me to this office. I think many times, elected officials forget the principles of our founding fathers, we are a government for the people and by the people.

•How will you use that voice to work with your fellow elected leaders?

Influence, listening and learning from those who have been on the council, but I will not be a rubber stamp for others, I will be an independent thinker. I will make my decisions based on citizen involvement, our city codes and will use my values to treat others as I would want to be treated, according to the “Golden Rule”.Leadership is influencing others through communication and being true to one’s values. I have been a leader in local business, and a national leader in media and non-profit work, such as Help 4 Kidz, which won 4 Presidential awards for our work in communities, and the National Latina Latino Commission.

•What is your final argument to voters?
If you want a diverse leader in Scottsdale able to reach out to every community in Scottsdale, I am that leader and Councilmember. As a native Arizonan growing up in Scottsdale, my love for this city runs deep. As a former Scottsdale business owner of the largest sports medicine and weight training facility in the nation, as well as the Station Manager at KPAZ TV in Phoenix, I have been blessed to work and interact with hundreds of community leaders, government officials, professional athletes, celebrities, churches, pastors, families, children,and people from all walks of life.My diverse background in community outreach, business ownership, and strategic engagement have prepared me extensively to serve you as your next Scottsdale City Councilwoman.

My goals are to: Protect Scottsdale from urbanization and over development by voting against high-rise,high-density, mixed-use apartment complexes. Reduce crime, homelessness, panhandling and keep our neighborhoods safe from human-trafficking and drug cartels by fully funding and staffing our Police and First Responders. Enforce laws and noise ordinances for short-term rental properties, such as SB1168. Promote Local Business, Tourism, Arts and Culture Preserve Old Town, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, open land spaces, water resources and our residential neighborhoods. Fiscal responsibility: I will keep property taxes low.

I will be your advocate and voice on the Scottsdale City Council and my top priority will be to protect your neighborhoods and families and to preserve the integrity of Scottsdale’s rich heritage for future generations. Loving people, family and keeping my faith are vital to our community like one of my hero’s, Chaplain Winfield Scott, the founder of Scottsdale. He fought for our country and our city and was called “the Fighting Parson” so shall I fight for you, Scottsdale! (Numbers 13:30)

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