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Scottsdale Arts brings back Sippin’ Series for the summer

Scottsdale Arts’ Sippin’ Series is returning in July, August and September. Photo Courtesy: Betty L Hum Photography/DigitalFreePress)
By Sydney Ritter | Scottsdale Arts

Fan-favorite Sippin’ Series returns to Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts for limited-edition summer events in July, August and September.

The Sippin’ Series is an intimate experience that explores the world of spirits, wines and cocktail concepts with professionals from Republic National Distributing. Each event in the series focuses on a central beverage and seeks to further develop participants’ knowledge on the topic through in-person experience.

Jamie Prins, director of events at Scottsdale Arts, which operates the center, organizes the Sippin’ Series. The return of this series is a joyous occasion for Ms. Prins, as it has been a long-standing combination of two personal passions: a good drink and bringing people together.

“Every time I bring a professional in, I’m learning just as much as our attendees are,” Ms. Prins said. “It’s also a great opportunity to be able to talk to people who might not necessarily buy tickets to some of our other events but get the chance to experience us for the first time.”

An evening at a Sippin’ Series event is often a mixture of history, regional information, unique recipes and fun new products. This deep dive is done in a laid-back, conversational style that invites attendees of all knowledge levels to participate.

For the summer series, participants will have the chance to sample three liquors products that have not been featured in previous events — tequila cocktail recipes on July 13, the latest offerings from the Penelope Bourbon line on Aug. 17 and an array of Empress Gin drinks on Sept. 7.

“Sippin’ Series is a great way to taste drinks and ingredients that you might not taste unless you were at a high-end cocktail bar,” Ms. Prins said. “It’s a fun, casual, unintimidating opportunity to learn about various spirits and ask questions, knowing that no one is going to make you feel less than for not knowing the ins and outs of mixology.”

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