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HonorHealth becomes first in Arizona health care to perform transmural arterial bypass therapy

This leading-edge procedure provides a new treatment option for patients with complex peripheral artery disease who have a blockage in the arteries supplying blood to their foot. (File Photos/
FDA-approved transmural arterial bypass at HonorHealth is leading edge
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HonorHealth is the first and only healthcare provider in Arizona approved to perform percutaneous transmural arterial bypass therapy.

PTAB therapy received FDA approval in July 2023, HonorHealth officials tell the Arizona Digital Free Press.

This leading-edge procedure provides a new treatment option for patients with complex peripheral artery disease who have a blockage in the arteries supplying blood to their foot, enabling surgeons to bypass lesions in the superficial femoral artery and use stents routed through the femoral vein to restore blood flow to the leg.

HonorHealth medical experts say PTAB can be a good solution for patients with long obstructions in the superficial femoral artery, those with previously failed endovascular procedures, and those who may not be ideal candidates for surgical bypass.

“This procedure is a minimally invasive approach that utilizes endovascular techniques to create a bypass around the diseased area, which allows our patients to recover much faster and likely allow them to go home within a day versus a multi-night stay in the hospital,” said Dr. Venkatesh Ramaiah, HonorHealth vascular surgeon, and a principal investigator in the multi-year FDA study.

“I’ve been in practice for almost 25 years, and we’ve been heavily involved in the education and research needed to develop and introduce new technology or new devices, like PTAB, into the market.”

photo of honorhealth doctors
From left is Dr. Hasan Aldailami and Dr. Venkatesh Ramaiah of the HonorHealth Medical Group, which is based in Scottsdale but provides vital healthcare services across the Grand Canyon State. (File Photos/
HonorHealth becomes first Arizona healthcare provider to provide transmural arterial bypass therapy

Dr. Hasan Aldailami, a vascular surgeon trained for the groundbreaking PTAB procedure, says HonorHealth is a place where innovation is leading the charge to help more people in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

“It’s a great privilege to work at a place where we‘re continuously innovating. The PTAB procedure is a perfect example,” he said. “We’re now able to provide our patients with therapies that just a few months ago weren’t available. We can deliver the same benefits of an open bypass procedure with less risk because it’s completely percutaneous, requiring a single incision in the groin and another small incision in the calf area.”

Edward Mann, the first resident of Arizona to undergo the procedure, says the procedure has improved his quality of life.

“It’s a fantastic thing that he did,” he said.

“I went through multiple [other] procedures, but the stents kept closing, and I was right back to where I started. The night before my fourth procedure, the FDA approval came through, and Dr. Ramaiah was able to do the new surgery. After a one-night stay in the hospital, my wife took me home, and now I’m walking and doing all the things that I couldn’t do before because of the pain.”

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