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Arizona Center for Cancer Care: Breakthrough prostate cancer treatment is achieved

Rich Maiatico was the first AZCCC Pluvicto patient following the clinical trials. (Submitted Video/

Arizona Center for Cancer Care: Maiatico shares inspiring story

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Arizona Center for Cancer Care is reporting a successful completion of their first patient who treated with the newly FDA approved radiopharmaceutical Pluvicto.

Pluvicto could immediately benefit the 98 AZCCC patients currently on treatment for hormone resistant prostate cancer, officials there say.

“Pluvicto is a breakthrough therapy for patients with metastatic prostate cancer which no longer responds to hormone therapy and has failed chemotherapy,” explained, Dr. Gregory Maggass. “It is a targeted form of precision radio therapy where a protein carrying a radioactive molecule of LU 177 attaches itself to the prostate cancer cells surface. This delivers a concentrated form of radiotherapy directly to the cancer cells no matter where they are in the body.”

Rich Maiatico was the first AZCCC Pluvicto patient following the clinical trials. Mr. Maiatico decided to share his story and looks forward to continuing to travel with his wife in their RV & motorcycle living life on his terms.

“If this were a restaurant, it’d be 5 stars baby!” he said in a prepared statement.

Providing care to more than 30,000 patients in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Arizona Center for Cancer Care, is a cancer center without walls, offering the best doctors, the best treatments, best technologies, and best research to give patients the best care possible.

Pluvicto is effective, innovative tool in the fight against cancer, AZCCC officials contend. Pluvicto is available to patients at AZCCC’s Gilbert location.

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