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Firecreek Coffee Company partners with Ambiente in Sedona

Photo of Northern Arizona sunrise where Firecreek Coffee is a staple
Firecreek Coffee Company has become an institution in northern Arizona, representatives of the brand contend. (File Photos/

Firecreek Coffee strives to ‘farm-to-table’ experience

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Firecreek Coffee Company is announcing its partnership with Sedona’s Ambiente, a Landscape Hotel, opening its doors in the coming weeks.

“Everything they are doing at Ambiente is extra special. They are dedicated to supporting local businesses and to doing everything possible to be as sustainable and respectful of the environment as possible while giving guests an incredible experience,” said Mike Funk, founder of Firecreek Coffee Company, in a prepared statement. “We are very excited to provide the highest-quality coffee for their in-room pour-over service.”

In addition to Firecreek Coffee being available to enhance guests’ in-room experience, Ambiente is working with another local business, Blue Bird Farms, which will incorporate the used coffee grounds into their compost for their gardens. Vegetables from the farm will then be used by the chef at Ambiente to create incredible meals for diners of Forty1, the property’s signature restaurant —completing a full circle of farm-to-table-to-farm.

“We have chosen to source mostly from a local perspective on as many items as possible so when I approached Mike with an idea of doing something different than offering the standard Keurig or Nespresso machines that are in most luxury hotels, he was thrilled to help us curate a pour-over method that will be uniquely part of the ‘experience’ that Ambiente wants to offer our guests,” says Jennifer May, co-owner with Colleen Tebrake of Two Sister Bosses, which founded Ambiente.

“Surprising our guests with delightful and meaningful experiences throughout their stay is incredibly important to us. We couldn’t be happier to have Firecreek Coffee Company as our partner for our guest coffee experiences.”

Firecreek Coffee Company has become an institution in northern Arizona, representatives of the brand contend.

“It’s really an incredible example of a full circle farm-to-table experience, and we’re proud to be a part of it,” says Mr. Funk, adding that “farm to table” is quite a task for a coffee company since they cannot grow it locally. “It’s a symbiotic relationship and we invest in them, bringing them up to the roastery so they have first-hand experience of what we want to present to our customers.” 

With its flagship roastery in Flagstaff, the Firecreek Coffee has locations in the Verde Valley area, including Cottonwood and Big Park in Sedona, Firecreek has found success over the past 10 years.

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