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Bailey: A public thanks to Sen. Mark Kelly for standing up for Medicare Advantage

Photo of Mark Kelly
A view of Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly during a recent visit to Planned Parenthood in Tempe. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress)
By Kay Bailey | Point of View

As a senior, it can be hard to navigate the health care system. From selecting the right plan to managing your health needs, scheduling appointments and more – it can be overwhelming.

I’m fortunate to have a Medicare Advantage plan that gives me the peace of mind knowing all of my health needs are covered, including doctor visits, prescription medications, preventative care … even access to local fitness programs to help me stay active and connected. This is a critical benefit because loneliness is an epidemic among seniors and significant cause of depression and other health problems.

I also like to travel, so it’s important my health plan and its wide network of doctors and health care professionals goes with me no matter where I go in the U.S.

I thank Sen. Mark Kelly for being a strong champion of Medicare Advantage and the nearly 700,000 Arizonans who depend on it, like I do. In the past year, Sen. Kelly fought against efforts by the Medicare agency to undermine this program with harmful cuts and other changes. If enacted, those policies could impact the benefits and affordable coverage Arizona seniors depend on every day.

As people get older, traveling to doctor appointments and to pick-up medications can become more difficult. Unlike fee-for-service Medicare plans, Medicare Advantage offers prescription drug deliveries so seniors can receive essential medications right at home, and the plan provides transportation – at no extra cost – if I need help getting to and from an appointment with the doctor.

I also have the option to utilize telehealth services to consult with a physician from the comfort of my own home. These benefits are particularly helpful for seniors living in rural areas far from town, or those who are no longer driving.

By standing up for Medicare Advantage, Sen. Kelly stood up for me and the 33 million Americans who utilize this program. I’m grateful for his support and urge him to continue fighting for this vital program.

Whether you’re a retiree searching for a health care plan or a caregiver looking after your parents or grandparents, consider Medicare Advantage. It has made a real difference in my life.

Editor’s Note: Kay Bailey lives in Mesa and has had Medicare Advantage for over 15 years

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