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Tim Dickman files to run for Paradise Valley Town Council

Photo of Tim Dickman
Tim Dickman, above with his wife, is running for Paradise Valley Town Council this July. (Submitted Photo/DigitalFreePress)
Tim Dickman vows to preserve Paradise Valley character at Town Council
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Tim Dickman has officially filed his nomination petitions to run for Paradise Valley Town Council this July.

The Paradise Valley advocate — a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with a 45-plus year track record of success — says he brings an unwavering commitment to preserving the town’s distinct character.

Mr. Dickman says he is humbled by all the support he has received from the community while gathering signatures to allow him to file as a candidate on the July ballot.

“I want to add value and support to our incredible Town of Paradise Valley,” Mr. Dickman said in his digital announcement. “We must fight to preserve our town’s character.”

Furthermore, Mr. Dickman says his campaign centers around key principles that reflect his dedication to the residents of Town Paradise Valley:

  • Safety and Security: Emphasizing the importance of a world-class Police Department, Mr. Dickman say he is committed to ensuring the safety and security of Paradise Valley residents.
  • Preserve Quality of Life: Mr. Dickman is an advocate for the preservation of open spaces, and continuation of minimum 1-acre residential zoning, and opposes taxes to enhance the quality of life for all residents and build on the Town of Paradise Valley’s historic legacy of no property taxes.
  • Limit and Control Short-Term Rentals (STRs): Mr. Dickman pledges to uphold existing state law while implementing regulations to control and manage STRs, preventing neighborhoods from becoming nuisances.

Mr. Dickman has an extensive history of volunteering for the Town of Paradise Valley and wants to bring this commitment to community service to the council. Those efforts include:

  • ACOPS Committee: Serving for four years during challenging times, including the COVID-19 pandemic and political unrest.
  • Short-Term Rental Committee: As the chair and founding member for four years, our group played a pivotal role in developing and implementing 59 successful regulations to control STRs, overcoming challenges from a hostile state legislature.
  • Planning Commissioner: Most recently, our Planning Commission has reviewed and approved improvements at Scottsdale Plaza, SmokeTree, and Quail Run developments, working closely with residents to preserve the town’s unique character.

Mr. Dickman is supported by a growing list of community leaders including:

  • Mayor of Paradise Valley Jerry Bien-Wilner;
  • Paradise Valley Town Council Member Anna Thomasson;
  • Member of Short-Term Rental Group Paradise Valley, Bill Hunter;
  • Member of Short-Term Rental Group Paradise Valley, Sandra Scanlan;
  • Member of Scottsdale Short-Term Working Group, David Mason;
  • Co-Founder and President of Arizona Neighborhood Alliance Susan Edwards; and
  • Member of Short-Term Rental Group Paradise Valley, Scott Fey.

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