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Navidad: Why you should consider fostering a Phoenix pet in need

Photo of Allesandra Navidad, president and CEO of the Arizona Animal Welfare League
Allesandra Navidad, president and CEO of the Arizona Animal Welfare League. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress.com)
By Alessandra Navidad | Free Press Point of View

The Arizona Animal Welfare League saves the lives of over 4,000 dogs and cats every year, and this life-saving work wouldn’t be possible without the help of the community. AAWL is proud to be Arizona’s oldest and largest no-kill shelter and it relies on pet foster parents to give animals a break from the stressful shelter environment and ultimately helps AAWL save even more lives.

They are also major rewards to individuals for fostering. Here are four good reasons to foster a pet at the Arizona Animal Welfare League:

Give a homeless pet a much-needed break
Foster families give pets a stress-free break from the shelter! Pets love the one-on-one attention that foster parents can bring and it’s beneficial for them to acclimate around people, or even other pets. Plus, fostering gives the shelter the opportunity to learn more about each animal, so it’s easier to find the perfect family for them in the future.

Endless supply of entertainment
Fostering can be a whole lot of fun, from taking your foster dog on walks or hikes around town or playing for hours with your foster kitten. Talk about cuteness overload.

Take pet ownership for a test drive
For people who are on the fence about adopting a pet, fostering is a great first step to help see if you are ready for a full-time furry family member. Potential pet parents can assess how they would need to care for a pet as well as learn how rewarding being a parent can be without a long-term commitment upfront.

No cost to you
Fostering is free! Most potential fosters might not be aware that AAWL fully covers all medical and living costs for foster pets. Pet food? Medical care? Dog beds, cat toys or even a leash? All of this provided to you when you bring a new foster pet home.

Whether you’re considering adding a furry friend to the family, have some time to spare, love animals or just want to add some temporary excitement to your life, you can make a HUGE impact on the lives of homeless pets by becoming a foster with AAWL.

The organization supplies foster families with everything they need to care for their temporary new family member, all you need to provide is the love!

Editor’s note: Ms. Navidad is president and CEO at the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

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