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Shapiro: Local journalism should inform and educate — not incite anger, confuse

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Gary Shapiro
Reporting on Dr. Scott Menzel contract extension at SUSD misses the mark, point
By Gary Shapiro | Point of View

Recently, a Scottsdale newspaper reported on the governing board’s decision to renew the superintendent’s employment contract.

Rather than focus on this good news, they gave oxygen to the vocal minority of residents who don’t support public schools. That’s counterproductive and detrimental to our community.

We know the majority of the Scottsdale Unified School District constituents and stakeholders applaud and support our outstanding public school system, including Dr. Scott Menzel and his fellow administrators, principals, teachers, and staff.

The naysayers, disruptors, and detractors are a vocal minority who continue to be out of step with our proud 128-year public school system history.

Strong public schools are the backbone of a successful and vibrant community. Property values depend on it. Jobs are created and maintained in neighborhoods with good public schools. Newspapers and other businesses die in communities that are not strong.

Sadly, the nay-sayers who get unnecessary attention are not supporters of public education. They have agendas designed to dismantle public education. Their actions are a disgrace.

They see nothing wrong in banning books. Never in the course of history have book burners or book banners been heroes.

Some of our current school board members are experts at rocking the boat. They have no idea how to row a boat. They fail to support bonds and overrides. Our elected officials need to keep public schools as their top priority, versus privatization and vouchers.

Some of our school board members and the nay-sayers and disruptors opposed “Red for Ed.” That’s absurd.

Some of our school board members and other elected officials have politicized and weaponized friends and neighbors when it should be clear that the education of our students is not party driven. It is fundamental like motherhood, baseball, and apple pie.

Shortly, we’ll have an opportunity to elect three new school board members who actually support public schools. I encourage you to research and help elect Donna Lewis, Mike Sharkey, and Matt Pittinsky.

We’re lucky to have Dr. Scott Menzel at the helm of our outstanding public school system. He is an exemplary leader who deserves our encouragement and support.

Dr. Menzel is the recipient of several prestigious awards for his leadership as a superintendent.
He is a dedicated leader committed to our public schools and its mission.

On a daily basis, he and countless others make Scottsdale a great place to live, work, learn and play.

Editor’s Note: Gary Shapiro is a longtime community advocate, Scottsdale Charro and co-founder of Scottsdale Leadership.

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