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Tiananmen: A Brave and Necessary New Musical at Phoenix Theatre Company premiers this October

Photo of Tiananmen play coming the phoenix Theatre company
From left are Scott Elmegreen (writer), Drew Fornarola (choreographer), Darren Lee (director), and Jason Rose (producer) of the forthcoming world premier of Tiananmen: A Brave and Necessary New Musical at the Phoenix Theatre Company this October. (File Photos/
Tiananmen, the musical tickets now on sale at Phoenix Theatre Company
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With over three decades having passed since the tragedy on China’s Tiananmen Square, Quixote Productions is bringing to stage: Tiananmen: A Brave and Necessary New Musical at The Phoenix Theatre Company.

The Phoenix Theatre Company is a professional theatre, producing shows from start to finish in-house with its team of artisans and experts. This allows freedom in creative interpretation for directors, the construction of sets, the design and selection of costumes, and other components necessary to create a live production.

Phoenix Theatre Company is the site for the world premier of Tiananmen: A Brave and Necessary New Musical Friday, Oct. 6 as tickets are now on sale, HERE.

Tiananmen: A Brave and Necessary New Musical features original rock musical presenting the story of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing. With the onset of a new ‘Cold War’ between the United States and China and authoritarian tendencies rising around the world, Tiananmen is a timely musical for the modern era, show producers contend.

Tiananmen is written by Scott Elmegreen (Straight) and directed by Darren Lee (Mr. Holland’s Opus). Mr. Lee will also serve as the choreographer. Drew Fornarola, who is best known as a composer for DreamWorks, is contributing the music and lyrics as both he and Mr. Elmegreen were most recently represented in New York by their play Straight, a New York Times Critics’ Pick now in development as a major motion picture.

Tiananmen: A Brave and Necessary New Musical at Phoenix Theatre Company premiers this October

Wu’er Kaixi, who helped lead the protests in China’s Tiananmen Square in 1989 and now lives in Taiwan as an activist for democracy, is serving as Tiananmen’s conceiver and creative consultant.

“I believed in democracy when we took to the streets in 1989, and I think it even more so today,” he said in a pres release. “I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing the events as a musical, and I hope it serves to ensure that the world remembers the unfinished business of this celebration of bravery.”

Mr. Elmegreen, the author of the musical play, says Mr. Kaixi’s involvement has created a level of authenticity to the production audiences will feel.

“He has made our script better. It is more authentic and more powerful since we first rehearsed Tiananmen in New York last September and as we get ready for our World Premiere at The Phoenix Theatre Company,” he said.

The Music Supervisor is Steven Cuevas (Kinky Boots), and the Casting Director is Chelsea Anderson. The Scenic/Projection Designer is Michael Downs, Costume Design by Lex Liang and the Associate Choreographer is Kristine Bendul.

“Like Americano, Tiananmen is an incredibly thought provoking, socially impactful and an important new work that needs to be told,” said Lead Producer Jason Rose, an Arizona entrepreneur. “These are the stories of what happened to those in the streets of Beijing 34 years ago. It’s where world history hinged. It’s powerful to hear the story of these freedom fighters and could not be more important.”

The Phoenix Theatre Company will announce the cast later this summer.

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