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Free Speech: Did you know that you can Speak Up Scottsdale?

A view of a statue at Scottsdale Civic Center depicting mother and child. (Photo: Arianna Grainey/
Speak Up Scottsdale digital platform encourages community connectivity
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Scottsdale City Hall is inviting residents to be part of a new digital community designed to foster continuous, meaningful conversation among residents, businesses and the city, which officials say is part of the municipality’s pursuit of ‘Collaboration and Engagement.’

Those terms are coined in a chapter of the voter-approved Scottsdale General Plan 2035.

The city partnered with Scottsdale-based research and design firm ATOM Innovation to create Speak Up Scottsdale, a hosted online platform that allows participants to contribute their insights, opinions and feedback about city initiatives, local issues, civic matters and services.

“Scottsdale relies on and highly values our residents’ opinions and perspectives. The Speak Up Scottsdale initiative aligns perfectly with our commitment to ensuring that the city’s decisions resonate with the desires of our community,” Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega said in a prepared statement.

“We are excited to partner with the experts at ATOM Innovation – a Scottsdale company – to create a space where residents can collaborate, share and actively contribute to our city’s future.”

photo meant to illustrate Speak Up Scottsdale
An AI-generated image meant to illustrate one example of local residents. (File Photos/
Free Speech: Did you know that you can Speak Up Scottsdale?

Participants in Speak Up Scottsdale are presented with opportunities to engage in two to three online activities each month.

Speak Up Scottsdale is built upon ATOM Innovation’s ‘STREAM Research’ platform, an innovative approach that involves engaging end users over an extended period.

Individuals will have access to information about new city programs and projects and be part of the input that guides important Scottsdale decisions in the year ahead. To join this new community of civic contribution, go HERE.

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