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Walter Art Gallery presents ‘Pederson’ in Scottsdale this December

Art on display at the Walter Art Gallery in Scottsdale
“Pederson” opens on Friday, Dec. 16, with an artist’s reception from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at Walter Art Gallery. (File Photos/

Walter Art Gallery presents a solo show of artwork by local artists

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Walter Art Gallery is proud to present “Pederson,” a solo show of artwork by local artist Dan Pederson.

Mr. Pederson decided early in his life to immerse himself in the arts. He received a degree in music performance playing the bassoon, and while he was at Chapman University, he also began studying the visual arts. After college, Mr. Pederson says he felt he had lost his unique voice as an artist and took a 20-year break to dedicate himself to exploring the world and his place in it.

This time of discovery led him back to art, and his discoveries resulted in artworks that are uniquely and recognizably his.

Walter Art Gallery is located at 6425 E. Thomas Road in Scottsdale.

Mr. Pederson offers mixed media artworks created with intense immediacy reflecting the present moment in the artist’s mind and emotional state. Mr. Pederson, art curators say, takes his daily experiences, distractions and perceptions, and in what the artist calls “a messy state of euphoria,” converts them into color, line, texture and words. Working outdoors in natural light, the resulting compositions are filled with movement, spontaneity and complex layers. Mr. Pederson’s work has a graphic, urban feel, as well as the playfulness of certain types of animation.

His work has been shown widely in the Western United States.

“Pederson” opens on Friday, Dec. 16, with an artist’s reception from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Walter Art Gallery. This exhibition will be on display through Jan. 20, 2023, concluding with a closing reception at the same time and location.

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