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‘Visual Days’ installation to debut at Scottsdale Walter Art Gallery

Titled “Visual Days,” this show coming to Walter Art Gallery later this month is inspired by the artistic discipline of creating one piece of art every day. (File Photos/
Walter Art Gallery presents work of Heidi Dauphin Feb. 17 in Scottsdale
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The Walter Art Gallery is excited to present an installation by local artist, Heidi Dauphin.

Titled “Visual Days,” this show is inspired by the artistic discipline of creating one piece of art every day as in the year 2000, Dauphin decided to record her daily life by creating a 4×6 collage for each day as a visual history of that particular day.

Now, 10 years later, in 2010, Ms. Dauphin decided to do another yearlong project. She collected a small object or objects for each day and pinned them to wall calendars. For this exhibition, the objects are collected in small plastic bags. In 2020, another decade having passed, Ms. Dauphin returned to a daily practice by creating small, patterned pencil drawings on 2.5×3.5 cards for each day.

Each of these 365-day projects, Ms. Dauphin says, was begun with some fear and hesitancy — would she be able to complete the daily projects, would life get in the way, was it too big of a commitment. In the end, Ms. Dauphin says she has successfully completed all three annual projects, and this abundance of art, more than 1000 pieces, are being shown all together for the first time at The Walter Art Gallery.

“I think of my creative process as a journey … I am a collector traveling through life picking up bits and pieces of memories, items, places, and people along the way. All affect my work,” she said in a press release.

Ms. Dauphin says she is drawn to patterns, grids, numbers, calendars, and math. She offers an examination of the ideas of micro and macro and loves to incorporate small details that are discovered upon closer inspection.

“Heidi’s work is an integration of fine art creation and gathering, saving, and an interest in calendars and calculations,” said Charlotte Strawn, Watler Art Gallery manager.

Visual Days” opens from 6:30 p.m. Friday, February 17. This exhibition runs through March 24 with a closing reception at the same time on that evening. The Walter Art Gallery is found in Scottsdale at 6425 E. Thomas Road.

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