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Unofficial: Scottsdale and Paradise Valley general election results reported

Photo of voting districts in Arizona general election

Scottsdale City Council, Scottsdale Schools &
‘Dark Money’ implications in general election results

By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

In the evening hours of Tuesday, Nov. 8, the Maricopa County Elections Department reported unofficial results for the general election held throughout the day.

In Scottsdale and the Town of Paradise Valley election results of note include a race for positions atop the Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board and one final seat for a 4-year term at Scottsdale City Council.

Editor’s Note: last update was at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 13 for Maricopa County results ONLY.

It appears, unofficial results show, Barry Graham is in the lead with 45,525 votes cast or 58% compared to Pamela Carter who received 33,224 votes cast or 42% of the 122,191 ballots cast.

It appears, unofficial results show, Carine Werner and Amy Carney with leads at the Recorder’s Office unofficial election result download at 6:18 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 13.

In addition, the Scottsdale Unified School District was pursuing renewal of the district’s additional assistance override. The override in place today was approved by voters in November 2016 but is due to expire in June 2024 whereas today’s ballot question is to continue the already in-place funding mechanism. If approved in November, the renewed seven-year override would bring in $14.5 million in funding.

It appears, unofficial results show, the override renewal is headed to approval by Scottsdale voters with 53% of the vote or 53,003 votes of the 115,927 ballots cast.

GO here for Paradise Valley Unified School District general election unofficial results

The race for Arizona governor in general election

The November 2022 general election featured a race for the seat of Arizona governor featuring Republican candidate Kari Lake and Democrat candidate Katie Hobbs. Also, a race between Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly and challenger Blake Masters culminated this evening.

Those unofficial results are:

  • It appears, unofficial results show, Ms. Hobbs remains in the lead with 752,740 votes or 52% compared to Ms. Lake who received 704,178 or 48% of the 1,472,786 ballots cast.
  • It appears, unofficial results show, Mr. Kelly remains in the lead with 770,582or 53% of the 1,474,943 ballots cast reported. Mr. Masters received 45% of ballots cast or 664,259 votes.

UNOFFICIAL: ‘Outlaw Dark Money’
measure headed for victory

At the Arizona capitol, key races for Scottsdale, central Phoenix and the Town of Paradise Valley include a handful of races with results available here. In the months leading up to the November general election, the Arizona Digital Free Press reported on a ballot measure proponents say seeks to “Outlaw Dark Money.”

What the ballot question asked voters is an Arizona constitutional amendment embodied in Proposition 211:

The Arizona constitutional amendment, which would require 501(c)4 nonprofit organizations to disclose funders, specifically, requires three major changes: Anyone spending more than $20,000 on a statewide campaign; or anyone spending $10,000 on a local campaign to disclose the original source of contributions of $5,000 or more used to fund campaign expenditures; and a nonpartisan, voter-established commission to write and enforce rules and levy fines for violators.

Unofficial results show: Proposition 211 is likely to pass with 812,576 votes of 72% of the1,213,932 ballots cast.

For a list of all unofficial results reported in Maricopa County, go HERE.

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