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Unofficial: Scottsdale voters approve 15% override renewal request at SUSD

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SUSD notch renewal to 2019 override with 57.82% of the vote, unofficial results show
By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

It appears Scottsdale voters have approved the 15% override request at the Scottsdale Unified School Distrist, (SUSD) unofficial results show.

Maricopa County Elections is reporting these unofficial results as of 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7:

A total of 25,726 (57.82%) of the 45,099 ballots cast rendered a ‘yes’ vote meanwhile a total of 18,769 (42.18%) rendered ‘no’ votes, unofficial results show.

Voters approved the current override in 2019. The 15% override request will result in $22,350,888 in additional funding to the district, with a tax rate of $0.33 per $100 of net assessed valuation, if unofficial results are confirmed during an official canvass of ballots cast.

The renewed override will cost the owner of an average home in the district $173.78 per year. The Arizona Department of Revenue State and County Abstract puts an average Scottsdale home’s value at $523,750.

Funding brought in by the M&O override supports these Scottsdale Schools programs:

  • current class-size ratios;
  • free, full-day kindergarten;
  • competitive teacher salaries;
  • elementary school classes in art, band, music, P.E. and strings;
  • world language instruction;
  • middle school and high school fine arts, athletics and extracurricular activities; and
  • staff salaries and professional development.

M&O overrides are in effect for seven years, state law stipulates.


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