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Anable: Top tech gifts for dad this Father’s Day

Photo of Susan Anable at Cox who is providing top tech gifts for dad this Father's Day
Susan Anable
By Susan Anable | Point of View

The Cox technology team has been busy researching the hottest tech gifts for dads this during Father’s Day. One theme for sure is connectivity.

Whether the gift is for play or to help dad out at the BBQ, these gadgets take the experience to new heights.

Here are the top gift ideas internet-based technology gifts that Cox has found for your dad this Father’s Day:

  1. Square Off Electronic A.I. Chess Board – Powered by artificial intelligence, your dad will see his opponent’s pieces move themselves as he battles the advanced A.I. customized for his skill level.
  2. Arccos Golf Smart Sensors Gen 3+ – If your dad wants to up his game with A.I., this smart caddie works on his phone as a rangefinder adjusting in real-time for temperature, elevation, altitude, humidity and more while providing your dad with shot strategies.
  3. Hatch Restore Alarm Clock – Your dad can stay asleep longer and wake up feeling better with this clock that creates a custom night and morning routine through soothing sounds and a gradual sunrise to gently wake up your dad.
  4. Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer – Now your dad will know exactly what the meat temperature is on the grill by just looking at his BlueTooth connected phone as he is preparing other creations in the kitchen.
  5. WYZE Smart Scale – To keep your dad healthy, this smart scale syncs with other fitness apps and provides a body composition analysis measuring 12 essential metrics beyond weight such as body fat percentage, bone mass and protein level, among others.
  6. Petcube Bites 2 Lite – Father’s Day is for ped dads too! The Petcube and app let dads see their pets through livestream video and dad reward good behavior by tossing a treat remotely from the Petcube!
  7. Anker Nebula Apollo Projector – For the film-fantastic dad, the Nebula Apollo Projector lets him directly download and stream movies on a wall or screen indoors or outside for family movie nights.

At Cox we know that the average household has 25, or more, gadgets, phones and other internet connected devices, that’s why we are committed to providing Arizona families a reliable, and robust network. In fact, to assure our customers’ needs are met, we just recently announced that 65% of our Arizona customers will have access to multi-gig speeds in their home this year.

So, jump online or head to your favorite department store to pick up one or more of these fun, innovative and practical smart gifts for dad this Father’s Day. And, if your dad is looking for a device and super-flexible plans to get him connected, ask him to check out Cox Mobile.

Editor’s note: Susan Anable is Cox’s Phoenix market vice president. Also, Cox has no financial interest in any of these gift ideas.

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