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The Finer Properties of the Valley of the Sun

The Finer Properties of the Valley of the Sun

Tech, home wellness amenities are emerging trends in the luxury real estate of the Town of Paradise Valley

photo of Paradise Valley
LUXURY in PARADISE VALLEY: The property pictured above — brokered by the Grigg’s Group in 2023 — is at 5672 E. Village Drive in the Town of Paradise Valley and is considered contemporary and modern in design. (Photos Courtesy: Matt Moreno/DigitalFreePress)

Takas and Grigg talk landscape of luxury in Town of Paradise Valley

By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

If beauty is found in the eye of the beholder — then luxury real estate can be beheld in the Town of Paradise Valley.

For anyone in the practice of brokering brick-and-mortar here in the Valley of the Sun they will tell you luxury real estate boils down to a few key characteristics albeit location being the No. 1 factor.

In the Phoenix metropolitan area there is no dirt more valuable than the particles found within municipal bounds of the Town of Paradise Valley.

Jeremy Takas, principal at Silver Sky Development knows this.

“The luxury market in the Town of Paradise Valley absolutely holds a more exclusive vibe,” Mr. Takas told the Arizona Digital Free Press as his company readies an exclusive luxury home community coming to market in coming months in the Town of Paradise Valley.

“Paradise Valley consists of only 15.5 square miles, whereas Scottsdale covers 184 square miles, a new luxury home set on a large parcel is just harder to come by in the Town of Paradise Valley. The Paradise Valley community of only 14,000 residents also retains this hometown charm that is just harder to find in Scottsdale, which has really become a bustling city with over 250,000 residents.”

Mr. Takas points out at the Town of Paradise Valley parcel size is an acute point of definition.

“The Town of Paradise Valley also requires a minimum parcel size of at least 1 acre whereas Scottsdale a home can sit on less than an acre, guaranteeing neighborhoods in Paradise Valley to feel less dense,” Mr. Takas explained.

In the Town of Paradise Valley there is no cost spared, Mr. Takas points out.

“A modern 21st century luxury home in Paradise Valley is going to be new or have undertaken big renovations,” he said. “You’ll see architecture that focuses on clean lines and geometric shapes, with upscale amenities like spa treatment areas, large home gyms and theaters with different variations of home technology being an absolute must. Arches, ornate columns and window shutters are a thing of the past.”

For the pending Silver Sky Development, Mr. Takas says he and his team are taking every precaution necessary to deliver the best-in-class product for his esteemed clientele.

“Silver Sky is all about build quality and attention to detail, it’s extremely important to us that every detail of these homes are intentional and crafted at a high quality,” he said day-to-day efforts. “So important that we offer our clients ‘behind-the-walls’ reassurance, providing our home owners with 360-degree video of every room in their home before the drywall goes in. So even 10 years down the road a homeowner can look back and know exactly what is behind each wall.”

It is that kind of attention to detail one expects when spending millions of dollars on a home in the Town of Paradise Valley, Mr. Takas explains.

“Sustainability and maximizing healthy construction material is just one of those details,” he said. “We are the only development in Arizona crafting homes with steel framing. Though more costly, steel framing reduces our carbon footprint while eliminating the health related effect of wood framing like mold, mildew, dust and pests. Steel framing is structurally more sound, fireproof and it lowers our clients homeowners insurance. Silver Sky homes are generational homesteads, designed and crafted with intention.”

For Mr. Takas, the devil is most definitely found in the details.

“We recommend clients who are buying a luxury home to look past the finishing paint and shiny chandeliers, to investigate the details of what functionally living within the home provide,” he said. “From light switch locations to air quality to functional room layouts. We aren’t saying aesthetics are not important but true value lies in a home being just as exceptional behind the walls as it is stunning on the surface.”

The modern technology of a luxury Paradise Valley home

For Scott Grigg, principal at the Grigg’s Group, a luxury home is one that features the amenities of a prominent hotelier along with timeless, carefully crafted and curated design and materials.

“Wellness Centers. We are seeing a lot of red light sauna requests, cold plunges and in-home gyms,” he said, pointing out the technology prowess of home design has grown exponentially since the time of COVID-19. “Home theaters have also made a huge comeback post-COVID.”

Mr. Grigg knows the luxury real estate game intimately as his firm has now partnered with the Altman Brothers out of Los Angeles with expansions into Scottsdale with a strategic partnership coined, ‘Grigg’s Group Powered By The Altman Brothers.’

The dynamic duo has a boutique luxury real estate brokerage along 32nd Street where locals call ‘the Camelback Corridor.’

Found at 5055 N. 32nd St. in Phoenix, the new luxury real estate firm, representatives of the brand say, expects to capitalize on the reputation of Mr. Grigg in the local Phoenix market and the excitement of a celebrity home-seller.

While new technology and amenities continue to dominate the accoutrements of allure for a luxury home in the Town of Paradise Valley, Mr. Grigg says some qualities remain timeless.

“A great floor plan with architecture that is timeless,” he said, pointing out another staple of the brokerage of brick-and-mortar. “Location is key and quality of build with fits and finishes. Views are also extremely important for our out-of-state buyers, who are all fighting for the sweeping panoramic views of Camelback Mountain.”

Mr. Grigg points out value is found in the price you pay for something.

“Does the home offer everything they want? Is it a turnkey home for them so they do not even have to think about making any changes or renovations?” he said of primary questions for a home buyer to contemplate. “If they can move right in then they will typically pay asking price since the inventory is so low right now in the Town of Paradise Valley.”
With a combined experience of over 20 years and $8.3 billion in career sales, the collaboration between The Altman Brothers and Grigg’s Group has hopes of redefining the real estate landscape in Arizona.

The local Phoenix brokerage holds the listings of multiple developments and ‘trophy’ properties including:

  • The Ascent at The Phoenician with prices ranging from $3 to $9 million;
  • The Village at Mountain Shadows with prices ranging from $3 to $6 million;
  • The Village at Seven Desert Mountain with prices between $3 to $7 million; and
  • A residence at 9411 E. Happy Valley Road in Scottsdale for $8,250,000.

While all things luxury point to the Town of Paradise Valley, Mr. Grigg explains as the Phoenix metropolitan area continues to see meteoric population growth luxury property buyers are matriculating to all corners of the Valley.

“The Town of Paradise Valley has always been the go-to for luxury properties,” he said. “However, we are seeing folks moving toward McCormick Ranch and the Cactus Corridor since they are still centrally located and offer great value and open up inventory choices amongst buyers. Post-COVID, we have also seen more buyers wanting the country club lifestyles with easy access to golf and amenities. We have seen a big uptick in areas like this, including Silverleaf and Seven Desert Mountain.”

Mr. Grigg says he hopes fill a gap he sees in the selling of luxury real estate here in the Valley.

“We are excited to grow and really capitalize on our new merger with The Altman Brothers,” he said. “We saw a big void in the marketplace when it comes to capturing the current California buyers that are moving daily to AZ, and given our already significant presence with our partners in California we want to be the go-to agency for them.”

While all things luxury point to the Town of Paradise Valley, the Phoenix metropolitan area continues to see meteoric population growth as luxury property buyers are matriculating to all corners of the Valley. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress)
The smart home & timeless design in Paradise Valley

With the United States of America enthralled with the latest ‘Summer of AI,” Mr. Takas explains technology is a major factor in the selling of luxury homes — those that fetch sales for millions of dollars.

“Smart home technology is only getting more advanced, it provides security, comfort and convenience and can be customized to include things like voice activation to motorized sliding doors, lighting and sound systems as well as automated window coverings, pool and spa control, along with high-tech security systems,” he said.

“Home wellness is also a luxury convenience and we are seeing this feature move beyond just a home gym to include red light saunas, cold plunges, steam showers and even oxygen and salt chambers.”

But the more things change, the more they stay the same, Mr. Takas explains.

“We have spent the last year, behind the scenes, putting together some of the best craftsman in the luxury home industry, we have worked with Arizona’s best engineers, architects, and designers pouring over plans while vetting every detail, so that we can truly create homes that are an intentional masterpiece,” he explained of the forthcoming Silver Sky development.

“In 2024, we finally get to bring those designs to life, with two showcase homes and three opportunities for custom builds now on the market, Silver Sky streets are paved in March and our community will come alive, going vertical with all steel framing.”

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