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Serving those who protect: 1ON1 with Tim Thomas at the Phoenix Police Foundation

Photo of Phoenix Police
The Phoenix Police Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to address unmet capital needs of the Phoenix Police Department. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress)
Phoenix Police Foundation support the men and women of law enforcement
By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

For those who protect the innocent, are willing to be the voice on the other end of that call to 911 dispatch, and for those who answer the ultimate call of community service, who is looking out for them?

The Phoenix Police Foundation — that’s who.

Over the last several years the men and women of the Phoenix Police Foundation have raised funds to meet the unmet financial needs of the heroes who don the Phoenix Police Department uniform every day to protect and serve all parts of the Phoenix community.

The Phoenix Police Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to address unmet capital needs of the Phoenix Police Department, provides financial assistance in crisis situations and recognizes those who protect our communities.

“The goals of the Phoenix Police Foundation in the next year are to maximize mission effectiveness, increase awareness about the foundation, organizational efficiency, and visible impact,” said Phoenix Police Foundation president Tim Thomas.

“Measuring our mission effectiveness will primarily come from grant data. This will include the number and amount of grant requests received by the foundation from the Phoenix Police Department, how many are approved, and information obtained from post-grant follow-up reports.”

Mr. Thomas says a key metric of success at the Phoenix Police Foundation is taking the tried-and-true practices of running a commercial enterprise and applying those principles to the nonprofit entity.

“For me, the best way to measure awareness is through data. This will come from social media metrics, website analytics, media coverage, and an increase in year-over-year donation revenue. We will also look at volunteer activity, the level of community participation in events or programs, and through surveys,” he pointed out.

“Nonprofit organizations are businesses just like any other company or corporation. If organizational efficiency is not a priority, we will not be at our best. Technology integrations and automation will continue to be a way for the foundation to operate in an effective manner. Monitoring our functional expenses is a great way to evaluate efficiency. Over the last five fiscal years, the foundation has delivered 92% of our functional expenses to our programs.”

Take a look for yourself HERE where the Phoenix Police Foundation is providing vital funding for the men and women of the Phoenix Police Department.

“Seeing visible impact is one of my favorite parts of running the foundation,” he said. “Whether seeing the ‘Cool Treats’ van deployed to hundreds of events every year or hearing that a piece of equipment the foundation purchased helped protect our officers or made them more effective.”

Serving those who protect: 1ON1 with Tim Thomas at the Phoenix Police Foundation

To better understand the challenges and triumphs facing the Phoenix Police Foundation, the Arizona Digital Free Press sat down with Mr. Thomas to get his insights into the growing philanthropic pursuit in Phoenix. This is what he had to say:

*What are your thoughts on the current state of police funding in Phoenix and how does the foundation work toward supporting the positive goals of the department?

The Phoenix Police Department has not been defunded like other departments nationwide. In fact, the entire PPD budget is in tack, but keep in mind municipality budgets are not unlimited. After a mass exodus from the policing profession, recruitment is still a challenge in Phoenix and across the country. The PPD is over 500 officers short, which is not ideal.

The way the PPF can support the department is by filling in gaps, funding projects or equipment not covered by the budget, or expediting the funding of priority needs.

*What are some of the challenges facing the Phoenix Police Foundation?
For most nonprofits, securing consistent and adequate funding is a major challenge, and the Phoenix Police Foundation is no different. Police foundations rely on donations, grants, and fundraising events, which can fluctuate due to economic conditions, changes in donor priorities, and other external factors.

*Where do you think the Phoenix Police Foundation needs to have a focus for fundraising to support the ranks of the Phoenix Police Department?
The foundation needs to focus on what the department and employees need to perform at the highest level and ensure the community is aware of those needs and provide opportunities for individuals, businesses, and private and public foundations to support those needs through the Phoenix Police Foundation.

*What is your No. 1 goal at the Phoenix Police Foundation?
My No. 1 goal is to ensure the Phoenix Police Foundation is making a positive impact on the Phoenix Police Department, its employees, and the community.

*What is the most important thing you think our readers should know about the Phoenix Police Foundation?
We can only do what we do with support from the community, and they can make a difference by contributing to our mission to Fund, Honor, and Assist the men and women of the Phoenix Police Department.

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