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serviceMob CEO Anuj Bhalla featured in MIT publication, part of STEX25 cohort

photo of Anuj Bhalla
Anuj Bhalla’s approach to customer service through a digital platform he created — serviceMob — has caught the attention of the MIT community. (File Photos/
Anuj Bhalla looks to redefine customer service in digital space through serviceMOB
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Anuj Bhalla, founder & CEO of serviceMob, a customer service analytics company, has been prominently featured in an MIT publication for his groundbreaking work in transforming the customer service industry.

Additionally, serviceMob has earned the prestigious honor of being selected as part of the esteemed MIT STEX25 cohort, representatives of the brand say.

Mr. Bhalla’s approach to customer service has caught the attention of the MIT community.

In the featured publication, Mr. Bhalla shares insights into the challenges faced by modern customer service operations and how serviceMob’s platform offers a unique solution.

By consolidating disparate systems and leveraging data analytics, serviceMob enables businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey, leading to better-informed decision-making and improved service.

MIT STEX25’s recognition further validates serviceMob’s exceptional potential and impact in the market. As a member of this coveted cohort, serviceMob gains access to resources and opportunities to showcase its technology to a wider audience.

Mr. Bhalla, a Sloan Fellow, an alumnus of the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a former leader of the service analytics practice at Accenture, has led serviceMob with a vision to elevate customer service at every touchpoint.

Drawing off of his experience as a career Data Scientist, Mr. Bhalla says, the serviceMob platform has garnered success in delivering extraordinary value across a diverse set of industries including software as a service (SaaS), healthcare, travel, hospitality, shipping, automotive, media & entertainment, and logistics.

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