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Scottsdale Schools excel in recent Auditor General audit at the capitol

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Scottsdale Schools continue to strive for reporting, accounting excellence
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Officials at the Scottsdale Unified School District are announcing the findings of the Arizona Auditor General’s recently released report on district spending during the 2022-23 school year.

The report, SUSD officials say, illustrate the district’s unwavering commitment to provide a world-class, future-focused education to its students.

One of the key highlights of the annual financial report is a substantial increase in classroom spending, which now accounts for 71.3% of the district’s overall spending.

Specifically, 54.6% of district funds are allocated toward instruction, with an additional 11.2% dedicated to student support, the report states.

This strategic allocation reflects SUSD’s dedication to enhancing academic achievement and supporting student success, officials there say.

The report reveals USD invested $15,636 per student, a figure that surpasses the state average by 25% and underscores the district’s prioritization of providing exceptional educational opportunities to its students.

The Auditor General’s report also sheds light on the experience level of SUSD staff, with its teachers averaging 14.3 years in the classroom.

The report found that 83% of SUSD’s teachers have been teaching for four or more years, demonstrating a high level of expertise and commitment to the district. The student-to-teacher ratio stands at 16.4:1, ensuring that students receive personalized attention and support.

“We are grateful to our voters, who continually support our vision of engaging all students in world-class, future-focused learning,” said SUSD’s Superintendent Dr. Scott Menzel, in a prepared statement. “The overrides they endorse enable us to maintain our focus on supporting teaching and learning in the classroom.”

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