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Scottsdale Planning Commission provides recommendations on 2 zoning matters June 14

photo of a planning document likeley present during a Scottsdale Planning meeting
The Scottsdale Planning Commission is a group of seven appointed citizens who advise the city council on land use and development issues. (File Photos/
Scottsdale Planning opts to reconsider new iteration at Mercado Courtyards
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The Scottsdale Planning Commission met on June 14 at the Kiva Auditorium, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd., to discuss two items including a zoning text amendment and consideration of a previously denied proposal.

The Scottsdale Planning Commission is a group of seven appointed citizens who advise the city council on land use and development issues. The commission meets regularly to review and recommend approval or denial of development proposals, zoning changes, and other land use matters.

The two items considered last Wednesday, June 14 were:

A care homes zoning text amendment request by city staff; and
The Mercado Village request for new consideration

Scottsdale Planning: Care homes text amendment

The city of Scottsdale is requesting to amend its zoning ordinance to clarify what constitutes a care home and modify the process and criteria for a Disability Accommodation. The amendment would allow for the use of care homes in single-family residential zones, as long as they meet certain requirements.

The amendment would also make it easier for people with disabilities to obtain a Disability Accommodation, which would allow them to live in a care home that meets their specific needs. The Planning Commission continued the case on April 26, 2023, to allow for more time to gather public input.

Heather Dukes provided public comment on the care home zoning amendment. Vice Chair Joe Young moved to recommend approval of Case 1-TA-2022, the care homes zoning amendment, which was seconded by Commissioner Barney Gonzales. The motion passed with a vote of 5-2, with Planning Commission Chairwoman Renee Higgs and Commissioner George Ertel dissenting.

A view of the Kiva Auditorium at the newly renovated Civic Center Plaza. (Photo: Arianna Grainey/
Scottsdale Planning: From Ironwood 92 to Mercado Village

Scottsdale Planning Commission liaison Katie Posler, in her administrative report, outlined to Planning Commission members the lineage of what was once Ironwood 92, but is now coined, ‘Mercado Village.’

A summary of the administrative report includes the Mercado Courtyards project was denied by the City Council on Dec. 7, 2022. The applicant is now requesting permission from the Planning Commission to submit a new application for the project.

The applicant asserts that the project has changed significantly since it was last heard by the Planning Commission and thus is comparatively a new and different proposal. The Planning Commission will have to determine whether the project is the same proposal or a new and different proposal. If the Planning Commission determines that the project is the same proposal, the applicant will need to wait until Nov. 10, 2023, to submit a new development application.

The Scottsdale Planning Commission voted 6-1 to accept a revised application for the development. The application was revised to address concerns that had been raised by the Planning Commission in the previous denial. Commissioner Barney Gonzales dissented, stating that the application still did not meet the city’s zoning requirements.

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