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Scottsdale Philharmonic taps Maestro Dmitry Polyakov as full-time conductor

Photo of Scottsdale Philharmonic

Scottsdale Philharmonic begins new season Oct. 9 (File Photos/

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The Scottsdale Philharmonic has hired full-time, world-class conductor Maestro Dmitry Polyakov, to open its 11th season on Sunday, Oct. 9.

“We are so lucky and privileged that Dmitry has decided to accept the position and become our principal conductor as we begin our newest vision of seeing the Scottsdale Philharmonic become a major symphony in Arizona,” said Joy Partridge, president and co-founder of the Scottsdale Philharmonic, in a prepared statement.

“Dmitry amazed both our musicians and audience as a visiting guest conductor with his brilliant talent and masterful skills as he conducted our spring concerts. He received numerous standing ovations and tremendous enthusiastic applause from our audience. It was an exciting moment for all of us who were there.”

Ms. Partridge explains the orchestra is looking forward to working with a world-class conductor.

“Our orchestra members have expressed their enjoyment in performing under the baton of our new and exciting musical leader,” Ms. Partridge said of her excitement. “We feel his skills as a conductor enhance our abilities to perform at our highest level. The vision of creating the Scottsdale Philharmonic into a major symphony in Arizona is just beginning.”

Ms. Partridge says she hopes to build upon the established sponsorship program effort coined, the “Conductor’s Circle Sponsorship” program with the launch of the new season this fall.

“Because Maestro Polyakov is a key figure in building our future and lead us to a treasury of classical musical, we created the ‘Conductor’s Circle Sponsorship’ program,” she explained. “Contributions to this program will allow us to develop our new vision of a first-class symphony in Scottsdale, build a great symphonic orchestra and perform unforgettable concerts. He is a leader that we are excited to have for our future.”

Maestro Polyakov lives with his wife and two small children in Scottsdale.

“We expect that he will become a prominent and valuable figure in our community,” Ms. Partridge adds. “Help us make the Scottsdale Philharmonic become a symphony to be proud of. We ask for your support in helping us with this amazing new musical journey.”


Scottsdale Philharmonic season at Scottsdale Arts

All concerts in the 2022-23 season are from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, 7380 E. Second St., Scottsdale, as musical selections to be played at the Oct. 9 concert are listed on the website.

Ticket donations of $15 are available for all upcoming concerts online at and the venue website lists the latest information about COVID protocols for the events.

“We want to thank our mayor of Scottsdale, David Ortega; Scottsdale Arts; our audience; sponsors; donors and benefactors,” Ms. Partridge said. “We are so grateful to all of you. As a nonprofit, the orchestra always welcomes volunteers and any generous support. We prepared many projects for the next season and beyond,” Partridge continued. “Follow us on our website and social networks. We are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming concerts.”

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