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Scottsdale Leadership in pursuit of applicants for upcoming Class 38

Scottsdale Leadership shapes civic leadership in Valley of the Sun

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Applications are now being accepted for Scottsdale Leadership’s Class 38.

Scottsdale Leadership, current, perspective and alumnus members contend, continues to define a premier leadership organization that develops current and future community and business leaders through powerful immersive learning.

You are invited to join past and current leaders who inspire, dream, and give back to our community, officials there say.

Chad Arruda

“When I was selected to join Scottsdale Leadership’s Class 33 I found a place where my voice could be heard. I joined a family of visionary community leaders who have put forth their ideas, vision, and concerns,” said Chad Arruda, chairman of the Scottsdale Leadership Outreach and Recruitment committee. “

“For me it was veterans who were struggling with combat related PTSD. Since then, I have served on multiple nonprofit boards, helped raise money for veteran charities, created public safety events for Scottsdale’s young professionals, and shaped annual events such as Scottsdale Professionals Converge.”

Scottsdale Leadership Class members come from diverse backgrounds who participate in the 9-month experiential program to gain personal and professional growth, to enhance their ability to influence organizations, and to elevate their leadership abilities.

The ‘Core Program’ consists of 15 interrelated, topic-focused learning days. Learning is accomplished through small group interaction, high-impact community projects and expert-led guidance, and teaching that informs about the unique aspects of Scottsdale with fundamental and emerging leadership concepts. Graduates are connected to more than 1,300 alumni.

Scottsdale Leadership is looking for community members who have a desire to give back, explore ways to support causes important to them, or discover where their passions lie.

For more information about the organization and about upcoming recruiting receptions, or how to apply, go HERE.

Class runs September 2023– May 2024. Recruiting closes May 17, 2023. Class space is limited. Fees apply.

“Our leaders within the community come and go. It’s their ideas and dreams that last forever which inspires new leaders to pick up where they left off,” Mr. Aruda pointed out. “Many of us have the desire to give back to the community, support a cause, or fight for change. For me, this was the place to start.”

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