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Scottsdale is looking for applicants to fill vacancies at boards & commissions

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Scottsdale vacancies are few but run the gamut

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Promoting diversity and inclusion. Honoring veterans in our community. Examining policies that keep Scottsdale Airport safe. These are just some of the ways volunteers serve on boards and commissions to make Scottsdale a great place to live work and play.

The city has several openings on various boards and commissions. In turn, city officials are reporting to be looking for residents wanting to serve in these positions and institute positive change.

Volunteers are needed for six boards and commissions, with openings available on:

  • Airport Advisory Commission;
  • Board of Adjustment;
  • Building Advisory Board of Appeals;
  • Human Relations Commission;
  • Transportation Commission; and
  • Veterans Advisory Commission.

Information about the functions of these boards and commissions, as well as the application can be found HERE.

To be considered, interested applicants must submit an on-line application by Thursday, Sept. 8.

Submitted applications are valid for one year.

The City Council will review materials and nominate candidates from the applicant pool in September, with interviews and appointments scheduled to take place in October.

All board and commission members are required to comply with the city’s Ethics Code and attend a training session before officially beginning their term.

Editor’s note: This information was first reported by Rommel Cordova, Scottsdale City Clerk’s Office supervisor.

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