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Scottsdale City Council meets Monday on Scottsdale Stadium bond funding, municipal services and isolation awareness dollars

Photo of Scottsdale City Council
Scottsdale City Clerk Ben Lane looks on during a public hearing held in April 2023 at Scottsdale City Hall. (Photo: Arianna Grainey/
Scottsdale City Council hears tenets of financial prospectus at Aug. 21 meeting
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The Scottsdale City Council will meet about 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 21, at City Hall, 3939 N. Drinkwater, for a regular meeting to discuss a variety of issues, including expansions at Scottsdale Stadium, lucrative construction contracts and post-COVID social isolation awareness for local seniors.

Scottsdale City Council is the legislative branch of municipal government and is composed of seven members, who are elected by the voters of Scottsdale to four-year terms. The City Council meets regularly to discuss and vote on issues affecting the city. The City Council also appoints the city manager and fellow charter officers, who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city.

Based on published agenda items in the public realm, here is rundown of the Aug. 21 items of note at Scottsdale City Council.

Construction contracts fueling Scottsdale amenities

Scottsdale Stadium Phase Two Improvements, a bond 2019 project’s approval is sought to enter into a construction manager at risk contract with Okland Construction Company, Inc. for phase two construction services. The total cost of the contract is not to exceed $2,248,522.

The city of Scottsdale is seeking approval to enter into two job order contracts for citywide pool construction services. The contracts will be for an amount not to exceed $15 million each and may be awarded to Shasta Industries, Inc. and Sun Eagle Corporation on Monday, Aug. 21. The contracts are expected to be finalized in the next few months.

The city of Scottsdale is requesting to increase the single job order limit from $1 million to $1.5 million for citywide electrical construction services. The increase is necessary to cover the cost of rising materials and labor. The contract may be awarded to CS Construction at the Aug. 21 regular meeting.

The Scottsdale City Council is also considering a resolution to authorize a contract with Valley Rain Construction Corporation for pre-construction services for a dog park at Thompson Peak Park. The contract is not to exceed $56,793.24.

Public finances, resources and Scottsdale outreach

Scottsdale social services officials are requesting an agreement with the Maricopa County Department of Public Health to provide services and education related to social isolation experienced by seniors and disabled adults during the COVID pandemic.

City Manager Jim Thompson will be authorized to execute any and all documents and take necessary actions to carry out the intent of the resolution. A budget transfer of up to $125,000 will be made from the adopted fiscal year 2023/24 future grants budget and/or grant contingency budget to a newly created cost center to record the related grant activity.

Also, Scottsdale City Auditor Lai Cluff is requesting approval for the FY 2023/24 audit plan. The plan includes audits of city departments, programs and operations. The audit committee recommended approval of the plan, documents show.

The City Manager Division at the city of Scottsdale is requesting a budget transfer of $13,750 from the City Treasurer Division to consolidate the budget for strategic planning and performance analytics software. The software is under the full responsibility of the City Manager Division and the budget transfer will allow the division to better manage the software and its costs.

As water scarcity concerns continue, Scottsdale City Council is being asked to adopt Resolution No. 12907 to authorize the water resources executive director to execute a Central Arizona Project Water Storage, Recovery, and Exchange Agreement. The agreement will allow the city to store, recover, and exchange water from the CAP. The water resources director will also be authorized to execute any other documents and take any other actions necessary to carry out the intent of the resolution.

During its work session, which will unfold following the governing board’s consent agenda, Scottsdale City Council will hear from Sonia Andrews, Scottsdale city treasurer, who will give a presentation on the preliminary financial results for fiscal year 2023. The city engineer will give a presentation on the capital improvement plan for fiscal year 2023. The council will discuss and provide possible direction on both presentations.

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