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Scottsdale Charros commission ‘Supporting Arizona Education’ license plate to further philanthropic pursuit

A graphic image of the supporting Arizona Education license plate

Proceeds from license plate fees fuel local Scottsdale grants

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The Scottsdale Charros — through The Charro Foundation — have commissioned an official Arizona license plate featuring a gray and black design of the Arizona flag with “Supporting Arizona Education” as the tagline.

Want to order one? Go HERE

There is a $25 initial application fee and $25 annual renewal fee. The Charro Foundation receives $17 dollars from each plate sold and donates these funds directly to Scottsdale education programs and eventually, as popularity grows, other areas, officials there say.

Dennis Robbins, who serves as executive director at the Scottsdale Charros, points out this effort is an opportunity for the philanthropic effort to widen its reach to do more good.

“The Scottsdale Charros have a long history of supporting schools in Scottsdale because we believe education is the foundation of our community. We are always innovating and finding new ways raise money — from Spring Training baseball to our tax credit charity program to this latest initiative with the license plate.”

— Dennis Robbins, Scottsdale Charros executive director

Formed in 1961, the Scottsdale Charros are an all-volunteer, nonprofit group of business and civic leaders committed to supporting education, youth sports, and other charitable causes in addition to promoting Scottsdale as the “The West’s Most Western Town.”

The Charro Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports Scottsdale Schools and the community in a variety of ways, including promoting education through scholarships and other educational programming, as well as youth activities, sports and cultural enrichment in our community.

Jason Klonoski, a Scottsdale Charro and member of The Charro Foundation, was instrumental in putting the charitable plate program in place and says the decorative plate is for anyone who wants to support public education.

“This plate is designed for anyone interested in supporting education and anyone who just loves the clean gray and black design,” he said.

Want to order one? Go HERE

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