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Scottsdale Airport moves forward with north taxiway A reconstruction project

Photo of corporate jets at Scottsdale Airport
Images captured above and below by Michael Baxter & Jeff Noble for Experience Scottsdale give an illustration of the municipal airport and its base of operations. (File Photos/

Overnight closures expected as runway comes within new FAA rules

By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

Certain grounds at the Scottsdale Airport are destined for reconstruction as north taxiway A and adjacent concrete are now set for improvements over the summer months.

Scottsdale City Council recently approved resolution No. 12487 that approves a $4,544,080 construction contract with J. Banicki Construction, Inc. to build both taxiway A north and the adjacent run-up area for aircraft prior to take-off.

Scottsdale Airport officials report the project will bring all taxiways to new Federal Aviation Administration
standards and relieve congestion for smaller aircraft that frequent the municipal airport.

“This project involves reconstructing the northern (one-third) of Taxiway ‘A,’ which is located on the west side of the airport and runs parallel to the runway,” said Scottsdale Assistant Aviation Director Chris Read in his late June report to City Council.

“It also consists of three connector taxiways that lead directly to the runway. The construction will conform to new Federal Aviation Administration airport design standards. It will also involve the construction of five new run-up areas for small aircraft that will be used to relieve congestion in the area and enhance capacity.”

The entrance of Scottsdale Airport, 15000 N Airport Drive, in central Scottsdale. (File Photos/

Grants and costs

Mr. Read explains majority of cost is shouldered by federal grants.

“This project will be mostly funded by grants from the FAA (91.06%) and the Arizona Department of Transportation (4.47%).” he explained to City Council. “The Aviation Enterprise Fund would provide a match of the final 4.47%. At the time this report was written, the Aviation Department had not yet received the grants for this project. If approved by City Council, the notice to proceed for this project will not be issued until a grant is received.”

Also, Mr. Read points out, the aviation capital improvement center or fund will cover costs of design along with administrative costs.

“The aviation capital improvement program center being used to track funding for this project is AI02,” he said. “There is currently $5,646,600 of City Council approved budget authority in that project center. The additional funding in this project center will be used for design and construction administration of the project.”

Found nine miles north of Old Town Scottsdale, the municipal airport saw about 164,051 takeoffs and landings in calendar year 2021, making it one of the busiest corporate aircraft hubs in Arizona. The airport and surrounding Scottsdale Airpark marketplace host 85 major companies and is home to nearly 3,233 small and medium-sized businesses with over 59,000 employees.

The project, however, will require overnight closures of Scottsdale Airport runways, Mr. Read says.

“As noted above, the taxiway connects directly to the runway at three locations,” he said.

“The FAA will not allow work to take place within 200 feet of the runway center line while takeoffs and landings are taking place, therefore, the runway will have to be closed at night in order to complete that work. As a result, approximately 40 overnight (9 P.M. to 6 A.M.) runway closures will be needed to complete this work during the project. The Aviation Department will provide overnight runway closure notices to the airport users as far in advance as possible for each of the phases. The runway will not be closed in the daytime at all during this project.”

The project is anticipated to take 87 days, Scottsdale Airport officials say.

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