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Plexus Worldwide taps Gene Tipps for CEO role

Gene Tipps is now CEO at Plexus Worldwide
 Gene Tipps

Tipps takes helm of Scottsdale-based Plexus Worldwide

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Plexus Worldwide has appointed Gene Tipps to be the health and wellness company’s new CEO.

Mr. Tipps has been in this role since early October, according to a press release.

Founders Tarl Robinson and Alec Clark will shift into new roles with the launch of a new strategic council. Mr. Robinson transitioned from his role as CEO at the end of September while Mr. Clark will remain on until early 2023, the release states.

Mr. Tipps joined Plexus in 2018 as chief operating officer. Proponents of the brand report Mr. Tipps was the driving force behind the delivery of over 30 new products and expanded Plexus Worldwide’s reach into new and emerging markets. Last year, Mr. Tipps was promoted to president of global operations, overseeing all areas of the company’s operations and information technology at both domestic and international levels.

“I’m excited for this next stage in Plexus’ growth,” Mr. Robinson said in a prepared statement. “Gene has been instrumental in Plexus’ continued trajectory to becoming a leader in our industry. I’ve seen his steadfast commitment to Plexus and have been inspired by his strategic vision for the company. I know he will be an inspiration for the entire organization as we continue our legacy journey.”

Before joining Plexus, Mr. Tipps served as COO at Yevo, and senior vice president of operations at LifeVantage. A seasoned direct selling executive with extensive knowledge of all stages of the business life cycle, Mr. Tipps is passionate about infusing bold concepts into organizations at their growth and maturity points.

“I’m honored by the trust placed in me by Tarl and Alec,” Mr. Tipps said. “They are the epitome of what business leaders should be – brilliant, insightful, deeply invested in their people, and committed to creating the best products on the market. I know this new structure will allow an even greater partnership with them.”

Business execs share camaraderie

Mr. Tipps also cites the rapport between both founders as one of the foundations of Plexus Worldwide’s success.

“Tarl and Alec have a camaraderie that is built on shared vision,” explains Mr. Tipps. “They know where they want the company to go and use their complementary talents and skills to get there. It’s a dynamic that works and one that I’ve been lucky enough to have with our executive team. We look to Tarl and Alec as our role models.”

The new strategic council formed by Mr. Robinson and Mr. Clark as chair and vice chair will consist of four outside thought leaders and industry experts. The group will serve in both a visionary and advisory capacity.

“It’s a powerful moment in Plexus’ history,” said Mr. Clark. “To have the leadership in place that allows Tarl and I to be able to focus on the company’s long-term vision is both humbling and incredibly rewarding. With Gene at the helm of Plexus, I am confident of a dynamic and prosperous future.”

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