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Phoenix Rising provides youth soccer clinics in collaboration with Equality Health Foundation

Phoenix Rising team is committed to serving greater Phoenix community
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Phoenix Rising FC, in partnership with Equality Health Foundation, held two soccer clinics in Phoenix last week.

“Engaging students in team-based activities like soccer that promote physical, mental and social well-being will prepare the next generation for long-term success,” said Tomas Leon, president of Equality Health Foundation, in a prepared statement. “A healthy child is more prepared to learn, and an educated child has a higher likelihood of living a healthier, longer life. It is an honor partnering with our school district partners and Phoenix Rising to create these meaningful opportunities.”

The clinics were made possible with the support from Equality Health Foundation, according to a press release.

The clinics, facilitated by coaches from the Phoenix Rising Academy, and on-site wellness resources from Equality Health Foundation, were designed to promote a well-being transformation around the city.

Rising’s Academy coaches were assisted by three professional players, Carlos Anguiano, Patrick Rakovsky and Niall Dunn.

“Phoenix Rising is honored to have our players and coaches assist Equality Health Foundation in serving the local community,” said Phoenix Rising President Bobby Dulle.

“Soccer offers so many life advantages to children that play and grow to love the game. We hope to one day see some of these same boys and girls playing in our academy, our pro team or supporting Phoenix Rising as fans.”

Phoenix Rising team committed to serving greater Phoenix community

The first clinic, featuring Mr. Anguiano and Mr. Rakovsky was held at Maxine O. Bush Elementary School on May 15. Phoenix Rising Academy coaches Neil Graham and Adalberto Peregrino ran the clinic for 100, fourth-through-eighth-grade students.

“We are extremely excited and thankful to welcome Phoenix Rising and Equality Health Foundation to Roosevelt School District,” said Luz Jimenez, director of communications and community engagement at Roosevelt School District. Maxine O. Bush students were super happy to be part of this clinic. The clinic creates an impact on our kids and gives them the motivation to continue thriving in their education. It also increases their interest and participation in extracurricular activities to keep them healthy and active.”

The second clinic was held May 16 at Morris K. Udall Middle School, where Mr. Dunn assisted Coaches Graham and Peregrino in conducting the clinic for 100 students.

“We RISE as a community by promoting academics, health and heart,” said Elizabeth Gonzalez, assistant principal at Udall Middle School. “Thank you to Phoenix Rising Football Club, Morris K. Udall students and parents, Barrio Bookmobile, AzAEYC, Southwest Human Development, Carillo Ice Cream Truck and Equality Health Foundation for partnering in last week’s youth soccer clinic.”

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