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Phoenix Police: School safety works best when parents and police work together

Phoenix Police seek community policing approach to school safety
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Getting a phone call or text from their child during school hours saying there’s an emergency on campus is a parent’s worst nightmare. As any parent would agree, a swirl of emotions come out, which is to be expected.

Phoenix Police officials are committed to the safety and security of all students, staff and families during emergencies.

“These are incredibly challenging times and the Phoenix Police Department is ready, your child’s safety is our top priority,” said Interim Phoenix Police Chief Michael Sullivan, who is a parent himself.

While police officials say a parent’s first reaction may be to rush to the school and find their child — law enforcement experts point out that action can be counter-productive and slow vital police response.

City officials report the Phoenix Police Department works closely with schools across the city to respond to emergencies that may affect students, staff and those who love them.

The Phoenix Police Department is offering these steps to follow minimize confusion, and to stay informed in the event of an emergency:

Sign up for school alerts: Signing up for alerts from your child’s school will keep you aware of the daily activity at the school. You’ll be one of the first to receive important notifications in the event of an emergency.

Follow on social media: Following the school’s and Phoenix Police Department’s social media (@Phoenixpolice) will keep you up to date in real time with active information during an emergency. Information provided may include where to meet your child or school staff and what is actively being done in response to the school emergency.

Stay back: Keep a safe distance from the school during an emergency. Approaching or passing a police containment area will cause officers to react to your actions, taking precious time away from responding to the emergency at hand.

No weapons at school: Schools are a place of learning and have never allowed weapons on their property. The Phoenix Police Department wants to remind students and parents that law enforcement officers will react and take all means necessary to protect your child. Do not bring a weapon to any school property.

Stay engaged and informed. Have frequent conversations with your student about how to stay safe and what to do during an emergency.

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