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Paradise Valley Town Council inks 10-year, $1.7M contract with AXON for law enforcement technology

Paradise Valley Police Chief Freeman Carney during a public hearing at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive. (Photo: Arianna Grainey/DigitalFreePress)
Paradise Valley Town Council locks in costs for emerging law enforcement tech
By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

Paradise Valley Town Council is moving forward with a 10-year, $1,714,863.54 master services and purchasing agreement with AXON — A Scottsdale-based technology and weapons production company — to consolidate and save on the seven pieces of technology Paradise Valley police officers use today.

“The Paradise Valley Police Department utilizes seven different AXON products built into four separate contracts with varying lengths of terms and expiration dates. These are cumbersome to manage, renegotiate, and budget,” said Paradise Valley Town Manager Andrew Ching in his report to Town Council.

Those pieces of technology are:

  • Police body cameras
  • Police tasers
  • Access to digital platform
  • Fleet on-board video and tech
  • Interview room monitoring
  • Virtual reality training for officers
  • Assistance in redaction of videos, photos

“The Town Council has already approved all these products and agreements, but the town has the opportunity to save money by consolidating the contracts into one master agreement with fixed pricing over a 10-year term and provide officers with the latest technology,” Mr. Ching said in his report.

During the afternoon hours of Thursday, Dec. 14, Police Chief Freeman Carney presented to Town Council the brass tax on the 10-year contract and projected cost savings — and how the program is contemplated in the ‘Officer Safety Plan’ devised for the local law enforcement entity.

“Over the 10-year period, the OSP allows the Town to save $437,613.29 in renewal and bundle package savings and avoids AXON’s predicted market price adjustments, saving approximately $204k,” Mr. Ching said. “In years 1-5 of the contract, there will be no inflationary increases and a 3% inflation increase per year in years 6-10 will be equalized throughout the 10-year agreement.”

Paradise Valley Town Council locks in costs for emerging law enforcement tech

Paradise Valley Councilwoman Ellen Andeen pointed out the million-dollar contract and length.

“I am leery of a 10-year contract,” she told Chief Carney during the work session discussion who responded with data points pointing out inflation rates and expected savings over the life of the contract.

“I do think this is the future — and the route to go,” Chief Carney said of the company’s interoperability of digital platforms improving both safety, and the day-to-day administrative nature of police work.

“We are doing this, just to lock it in now so there is no chance of that happening — as you can see with inflation at 16% this January, we have the opportunity to save $600,000 over the course of the contract.”

Councilwoman Andeen agreed.

“I am all for if it is the best use of our funds,” she said.

Paradise Valley Town Council, in unanimous fashion, approved the agreement, which will have an annual cost of $161,482 or $1,714,863.54 over the 10-year contract term, numbers show.

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