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Paradise Valley short-term rental regulations go into effect Nov. 13

Photo of the Town of Paradise Valley
A view of the Town of Paradise Valley Municipal Complex at 6401 E. Lincoln Drive. (File Photos/

Paradise Valley STR operators must register
for licenses amid repercussions for ‘bad actors’

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Paradise Valley Town Council has finalized new rules and regulations governing short-term rentals that take effect this Sunday, Nov. 13.

These ordinances, Paradise Valley officials report, will protect the community from unruly, disruptive, and potentially criminal behavior that occurs at some short-term rental properties.

Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner

“Our own has worked hard to strike the right balance for our community under the state law that governs the short term rental industry,” said Paradise Valley Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner, in a prepared statement. “The town’s new rules include important new guardrails to protect neighbors from bad actors while allowing the continuation of short-term rentals that comply with state law and the town’s enhanced rules.”

The new reforms require STRs to register for a license and gives Paradise Valley the ability to deny, and/or suspend those licenses for up to a year for specific code violations. Suspension will result from three verified violations for serious health and safety violations at STRs. One verified violation for the owner knowingly renting for non-residential use or committing a felony.

The municipality also reserves the right to seek immediate judicial relief if there is serious physical injury or death at an STR. The ordinance also allows for financial penalties up to $3,500 or three nights rent and requires background checks for guests and hosts of STRs.

The Town of Paradise Valley is offering hosts an incentive to get their licenses as soon as possible. The permit fee will be waived for the first 30 days of the program – from Nov. 13 to Dec. 13. After Dec. 13, there is a $250 fee for a local permit and enforcement will begin. STR owners will not be able to rent their property without a local STR permit.

“Our goal is to make the license process as accessible as possible and to ensure that everyone in the community — from neighbors to host and guests — understand what is acceptable and how to address incidents that are unacceptable,” said Paradise Valley Town Manager Jill Keimach.

“The town has been transparent in its deliberations and is committed to working with the entire community to put these measures in place as quickly and easily as possible.”

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