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Paradise Valley Planning Commission continues SmokeTree deliberations this Tuesday at Town Hall

photo of Paradise Valley resort called SmokeTree
The existing structures still above ground that once created the SmokeTree resort in the Town of Paradise Valley are destined to be demolished and redeveloped into an 82-guest unit resort envisaged above. (File Photos/
Paradise Valley Planning eyes recommendation vote at dilapidated resort property
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The Paradise Valley Planning Commission will discuss a major special use permit Tuesday, Aug. 15, at Town Hall for the Smoke Tree Resort at 7101 E Lincoln Drive.

Withey Morris, PLC on behalf of ST HOLDCO, LLC requests a major special use permit amendment at the Smoke Tree Resort. The resort will be demolished and redeveloped into an 82-guest unit resort. The ‘Arrival’ building will include 77 guest units, back-of-house functions, lobby, meeting event space, all-day market bistro/restaurant and spa/fitness facility.

The casita building, as proposed, will include five single-story guest unit casitas with private patios and small plunge pools. The redevelopment will also include a detached fine dining restaurant with outdoor patios/cellar bar, surface and underground parking, signage, perimeter walls, landscaping, lighting and utility improvements.

The resort borders two public roads —- Lincoln Drive, a major arterial, and Quail Run Road, a local road. Use of the property as a resort began prior to its annexation into the Town of Paradise Valley in 1961. A few items for Paradise Valley residents to be aware:

  1. The Planning Commission last discussed this application at its July 18 work session.
  2. The Planning Commission noted that height, density, noise, and parking/traffic for big events are areas of interest that should be balanced with the circumstances with the property.
  3. These circumstances and areas of interest include that the resort has been non-operational for several years, requests for even higher density projects in the past on this site, and the unsightly condition of the property.

(File Photos/

A look at Paradise Valley traffic flow

The traffic impact analysis at the site states that the development will generate approximately 1,262 weekday daily trips, with 41 trips (25 in/16 out) occurring in the morning peak hour and 113 trips (71 in/42 out) occurring in the evening peak hour. This represents a small fraction of the total trips on Lincoln Drive at the peak hour (approximately 5% of the total trips in the morning peak and 10% of the trips in the evening peak).

The parking analysis states that the proposed development has 145 total striped parking spaces including the minimum five required accessible parking spaces. In valet mode, the onsite parking spaces can increase up to 184 total parking spaces. The peak parking space demand results in 158 parking spaces during the peak season and 138 parking spaces in the off-peak season.

The analysis also provides a scenario for peak season to have employees park off-site that reduces the peak parking space demand from 158 parking spaces to 145 parking spaces.

The applicant’s required Citizen Review Session is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 5. Town leaders say they will post a notice for possible quorum regarding the Citizen Review Session so those Planning Commissioners and Town Council who want to attend this neighborhood meeting.

If there are no further discussion items from the Aug. 15 work session, staff is recommending to move directly to public hearing on Sept. 19. Otherwise, there is availability to hold another work session on Sept. 5 and/or vote on Aug. 15 or Sept. 5 to ask the Town Council to extend the Planning Commission review period that ends on Sept. 19.

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