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Whitehead: Your vote matters in this, and every Scottsdale election

By Solange Whitehead | Free Press Point of View

With all the signs popping up on the corners, it’s pretty clear that an election is on the horizon. As always, voters are focused on national and statewide races. However, voters can maximize their impact at the bottom of the ballot.

Scottsdale has a strict sign ordinance. Aren’t the political signs on corners a violation?

In 2007, the City Council approved an ordinance prohibiting signs in public right-of-ways (ROW) to protect Scottsdale’s aesthetics. In 2011, the State Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 2500 which took aways Scottsdale’s authority to enforce the ordinance. It will take legislative action to restore local control.

Solange Whitehead

City elected leaders are the front lines of government.

That is especially true in Scottsdale. We take great pride in responding to our residents, we live nearby, shop in the same stores, and resident input routinely influences city policies. Unlike national elections, a single vote can impact the outcome in a City Council election.

There are some differences between Primary and General Elections. Most importantly, not every voter will automatically get a ballot. Below, I’ve provided some information to help you cast your ballot this summer.

Am I registered to vote? Check HERE.

Does the Primary Election Matter? Yes. City Council candidates can win outright on August 2nd. Your vote in the August election is amplified because so few people vote. Your vote matters.

I am registered “Independent.” Will I get a ballot? No, not automatically. Voters who are not affiliated with a political party must request a mail ballot. Even voters that receive mail ballots for the General Election. Independent voters can request a ballot from Maricopa County Elections by July 22, 2022 online: HERE. Every independent voter can go to the polls or early voting locations to vote.

I will be away this summer. Will my ballot forward with my mail? No. The U.S. Postal Service cannot automatically forward a ballot to another address. Voters can request that their ballots be sent to a temporary mailing address online HERE.

Can I vote early? Yes. All registered voters can vote at (early) Voting Centers beginning 7/6/22 or at the polls on election day, 8/2/22. Locations TBD.

Who is running for how many seats? There are three seats and seven candidates. Two of us are incumbents – myself and Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield. The top six candidates in the primary will advance to the November General Election. See all candidates HERE.

When is the election? Primary Election is August 2, 2022 (Polling centers TBD) Visit the City of Scottsdale Elections for more information.

Editor’s note: Ms. Whitehead is a member of Scottsdale City Council in pursuit of re-election.

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