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Thomasson: inauguration ceremony exemplifies Town of Paradise Valley leadership

Photo of Anna Thomasson at the Town of Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley Councilwoman Anna Thomasson at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive. (Photo: Arianna Grainey/DigitalFreePress.com)

A salute to the men and women of the Town of Paradise Valley

By Anna Thomasson | Point of View

Congratulations to reelected Paradise Valley Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner.

Thursday night’s swearing-in ceremony with a standing room only crowd of hundreds was testimony to his broad and deep support as he continues to lead the Town of Paradise Valley for the next two years.

Congratulations also to newly elected Vice Mayor Scott Moore.

As an experienced councilmember, humble and thoughtful leader and very knowledgeable land-use professional, Scott is well poised to support the mayor, council, and planning commission in the coming year. I enjoyed my recent term as vice mayor supporting the planning commission and council and learning from Mayor Bien-Willner.

I also extend my warm congratulations to newly elected councilmember Christine LaBelle and reelected councilmember Ellen Andeen. Their volunteer service is appreciated by all.

In the next four years, I plan to work with our Town Council to focus on three priorities:

  1. Keep our town safe and free from crime,
  2. Keep Paradise Valley, Paradise Valley by making sure our quiet, residential character is preserved while we thoughtfully consider resort development and actively manage short term rentals, and
  3. Support our Town staff as they continue to improve resident communication and increase community engagement. You deserve nothing less.

As we get started in the new year, please subscribe to the town manager’s newsletter. This informative (and often entertaining) weekly email is an unbiased and trusted source of useful information about activities in the Town of Paradise Valley.

Editor’s note: Councilwoman Anna Thomasson is serving her second consecutive term on Paradise Valley Town Council.

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