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Dr. Lal: As summer looms it’s time to switch your skin routine

Photo of Dr. Karan Lal who is providing skin routine tips as summer looms in Phoenix
Dr. Karn Lal, who serves as director of pediatric dermatology and cosmetic surgery at Affiliated Dermatology. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress.com)
By Dr. Karan Lal | Point of View

Many of us neglect switching out skin care products and spring cleaning our make-up products. Dermatologists suggest transitioning your skin routine from winter to summer as we move into the hotter months.

As the temperatures continue to rise, now is the perfect time to switch up your routine. To learn more about best practices for transitioning to a spring and summer skin lineup, please continue reading below.

Revamp your skin care drawer
When it comes to skin care and make up products, a lot goes a long way, which often results in products sitting in your drawer for years. If your makeup has been in your cabinet for over two years, consider springing for some new products. Most skincare products will have an expiration date written on the packaging.

As we enter the warm weather, it’s a perfect time to clean or purchase new makeup, makeup brushes or exfoliating gloves. You can purchase lighter products that will help you get through the hotter, sweatier months. In the winter it is common for products to be heavier to compensate for the dryness of the season, but you want to make sure your face doesn’t “melt” off when summer hits. As the temperatures rapidly rise, you’ll want to test out all your new products before it gets too hot.

Switch out your products
If you are looking for an excuse to buy new beauty products, now could be your chance. Begin by going through your products and throwing out anything that is expired. Expired products are not as potent and they could irritate your skin, potentially leading to an infection.

During the colder months, dermatologists suggest using a cream cleanser and as we enter summer, switching to a lighter gel or foam formula. Similarly, you’ll want to consider a brightening moisturizer. Warmer weather doesn’t mean tossing out your moisturizer completely, but a lower molecular weight will be beneficial during the warm months. Retinol is beneficial all year round. However, since it can make your skin more sensitive to UV damage, it’s recommended to use it at night.

Last but certainly not least – sunscreen.
Using sunscreen is essential all year but even more so as the UV index rises during the summer. We suggest using a sunscreen that contains antioxidants, moisturizing ingredients, and vitamin E.
Desert suggestions

The Arizona heat creates a commonality in dry skin, but there are tried and true solutions to hydrating your skin. The most obvious solution is to drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer with SPF. Sunscreen should be worn at any time you are out in the sun to protect your skin from UV damage. Transitioning to hotter months, you should be using at least 50 SPF. It is also very common for skin irritation to occur from excessive sweat. You can help reduce the irritation by exfoliating your pores regularly.

If you generally use the same products and techniques, speak with your local dermatologist about what may work best for you this summer.

Editor’s note: Dr. Karan Lal is director of pediatric dermatology and cosmetic surgery at Affiliated Dermatology

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