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Minimal Living Concepts eye ADUs as key link to remote work in Scottsdale

Photo of layout of Minimal Living Concepts
An overview of the layout offered by one of a handful designs now at market provided by Minimal Living Concepts. (File Photos/

Minimal Living Concepts innovates accessory dwelling units

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Witnessing the work-from-home revolution amid the birth of the Digital Age in recent years of the 21st century, Minimal Living Concepts co-founders Zander Diamont and Jared Amzallag saw a real estate opportunity ready to be seized.

From Los Angeles, seeing the booming real estate market and business-friendly environment of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Mr. Amzallag says he believed Arizona was the perfect spot to launch a new real estate venture.

Mr. Diamont’s luxury real estate background and Mr. Amzallag’s creative marketing experience came together to form Minimal Living Concepts in January 2021.

Sprouted in Scottsdale, the company reports it has built and sold 60 accessory dwelling units in Arizona to date.

“We’re providing a revolutionary new approach to the traditional building process,” Mr. Diamont said in a prepared statement.

“Most people don’t want to take on the hassle of hiring an architect, finding a contractor, dealing with complicated permitting issues, and dealing with so many entities. We geek out over the little things, so our customers don’t have to. We provide a simple, turkey solution and an incredible product.”

Minimal Living Concepts, which has grown to a team of 10, they say, provides four simple product options with modern architecture and great design and takes care of everything end to end.

Each unit is built with traditional construction methods with starting prices ranging from $150,00 for the smallest guesthouse to $418,000 for a three-bedroom, 1,600 square foot home, according to a press release.

“Our website makes it easy to view our pre-designed units and transparent pricing and make your selection,” Mr. Amzallag pointed out. “It’s a beautiful, straightforward, and easy process — a completely new way to buy and build a home.”

Mr. Diamont and Mr. Amzallag say their most popular product is “Live,” a true one-bedroom living space designed with minimalism and utility in mind, and perfect for a guest home, rental unit, pool house, gym or robust office.

“Our experience was first rate all the way through,” said Minimal Living Concept customer George Hasiotis. “The workmanship and follow-up attention extended to us was unique. I highly recommend this group and product. It has been a real value-added investment for our property.”

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